Friday, May 11, 2007


When me goes cuckoo, me…

  • Takes 15-minute angkot rides to Istana Plaza to buy ridiculously priced Rotiboy (which I never buy back home) in the rain.
  • Makes checklists of people and respective countries I owe a visit to: Miss VeiraVeira in Chicago, Miss FooFoo in Sydney, Miss NingNing in Beijing, Miss RaoRao in Bangalore etc
  • Wakes up in the middle of the night to cry.
  • Wakes up in the middle of the night and decide I really really wanna go to Brazil (to buy Amazonian fruit necklaces).
  • Buys a lot of overtaxed imported fashion magazines: VogueUK, VogueUSA, ElleUK, ElleUSA etc.
  • Eats a lot of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, cream cheese, pesto and McDonald’s fried chicken.
  • Listens to the Mandarin chart songs.
  • Talks to my fridge (of my war with the world).
  • Starts moisturizing my cuticles (with Jessica Phenomen oil).
  • Msgs Dddy telling him that I REALLY REALLY NEED LIPOSUCTION as a graduation gift.
  • Drinks a lot of chocolate milk.
  • Breast-strokes on my bed.
  • Wakes up and decide I will not go to work (but end up going anyway… g*ddd I’m such a pathetic weakling).
  • Watches a lot of cable TV, mainly MTV, Fashion TV and Travel and Living.
  • Listens to River Maya’s ‘We’ll be safe here’ on repeat.
  • Goes shopping for baby booties.
  • Buys ceramic tiles for my future(??) bathroom.
  • Puffs Marlboro Lights.
  • Drinks a bottle of red on Saturday nights while watching Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Nibbles on my fingernails (and if that’s gone, the skin peripheral to the nails).
  • Plans my wedding guest list.
  • Sends undelivered msgs to my best friend (because the last thing I need is a condescending reply, also it’s an ingenius way for me to release some of that despair without ever having anyone to hear about it).
  • Photoshops pictures.
  • Trades studying with Will & Grace reruns.
  • Buys Japanese mini non-stick woks, French cartoon bowls and English bone china teacups.
  • Crashes white ceramic plates to the floor in my mind.

“And I don’t know where to look. My words just break and melt. Please just save me from this darkness. Please just save me from this darkness.”
… Snow Patrol, Make This Go On Forever …

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