Thursday, April 12, 2007

when we do nothing, we do nothing at all

Today's MOVING DAY. For the hospital... well, Internal Medicine department at least. Since we're interns (free labour?? Holler!!) we have been called upon to offer our services as porter / usherer / nurses(??) / all of the above to get patients from one side of the wing to the other. At least we get to ponteng polyclinic duties legitimately. Yeayyy!!

Wahh patient gets new fresh gears. That and fresh new sheets and fresh new everything.

Everyone's happy when there's fresh new NEWs!!

Ah Bi does amateur photography real good. We made him do pictures of us. You'd think us too busy to even breathe in Internal Med(??). Hell NO. Nobody in Indon says no to free photography. It's in their genes. And in mine. This is how Ah Dho's turned out to be.

I took some behind-the-scenes with my Dopod. The resolution is crap but you get the idea. Never thought it would be THIS difficult to take a picture. But it takes much more than just good equipment, fine weather, skills, co-operative models, venue, lighting, uncontrollable circumstances, etc...

L-R: Ah Ij, Miss IznaIzna, Ah Irs

Instruct instruct instruct until he berpeluh-peluh.

But worth it in the end. L-R: Miss WuWu, Miss RusRus, Miss CiCi. I think they look splendid!!

I think they both got the best pose of all. Ah Handa was so worried he'd disappear into the background given his coal-toned skin.

L-R: Ah Ro, Ah Handa

Look how he transformed this meager of a shot (with our dahhhling preceptor Dr RahGu) to...

THIS MASTERPIECE. I've yet to learn much more Adobe from my master.

And finally...

Susah siut jadi model. I never really thought it was this much work. Ah Bi really wanted to get the PERFECT shot of me but I was way too stiff (kaku) and somehow I did not look at all flattering in most of his pictures. There goes me modelling career!! I really expected more from myself. I mean where did the photogenicity go to when I needed it the most?? Must learn more poses. And must get a jawline!!

Now comes the nothing-to-do-so-we-shall-take-pictures moments. We love Ah Bi and his camera. Nobody is so willing to take pictures more than him. We most obviously obliged.

Corridors of the hospital. We just came from Dahlia ward.

Finally, my favourite shot OF ALL.

This was spontaneous and you can see what a productive intern I am.
Remember: every moment is a lipgloss moment!!

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