Sunday, April 15, 2007

tall-dude it's my birthday you're gonna party like it's my birthday

Delusion of grandeur ( : (grăn'jər, -jʊr') n.: A delusion in which one believes oneself possessed of great importance, power, wealth, intellect, or ability.

Starting with a kick-ass breakfast at Mie Tek-Tek or as we have come to affectionately call 'Tek-Tek noodles' when actually the name of the tiny corner is Warung LiLi's.

I HEART Teh Botol Sosro. Mornings would be much much more tragic without it.

Ruang Anggrek aka Orchid Ward which explains the blatant deco.

Face is abit round ah? Kinda paranoid since the Silbutramine.

Bought everyone a round of strawberry juice since it's my birthday and pink is the theme. I made everyone pucker up on the straws. So the F.R.I.E.N.D.S hor?

Miss IznaIzna thinks I'm such a nutter for making them do weird poses. I don't care. It's my birthday I'm the princess and my wish is their command.

Since the dreaded Long Case exam was in a couple of days I decided to put a pause on celebrations and just take pictures to commemorate the day I turn old *hiccup* I mean 17. So Miss MasMas pulled out afew used old cones and we took photos just because... After we were done with that, we ordered Indian delivery and headed back to our respective rooms to do work. Doctors are supremely party people, I kid you not!!

Smile if you think I'm really actually 16!!

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