Friday, April 06, 2007

stopping to smell the flowers

I'm SUPER ecstatic. Look at the gorgeous flowers I scored today. Gratis lagi :) It all started when I was admiring the congratulatory bouquets on the 5th floor of Internal Medicine's new wing. They had 2 large bunches by the main entrance filled with absolutely quality petals. I've seen nice flowers but these really took my breath away. Being the silly girl that I am, I started gushing out ALOUD (thinking there was noone around anyway) about how brilliant AND EXPENSIVE them flowers must be, how they must have went to a really exclusive florist, wondering where these big-ass lilies come from (Ah Jubi says Lembang, I'm thinking Provence!!) and investigating where the sweet scent emanating the room came from.. (Ah Jubi says it's the jasmine looking stalks and I think he is SO right) WHEN the meeting that was aparently taking place inside the conference theatre bersurai-ed and everyone started to disperse out.

Waduh. Malu gila. I had no choice but continue to face the bouquets so noone could recognize me. I had already mentioned out ALOUD I was gonna take a few stalks for home. Ah Jubi did not help by laughing his skinny ass off VERY LOUDLY too. Dr Ruben (Internal Medicine Nephrology Consultant and gay, yeayy!!) must have heard us from inside 'cos as he walked out towards the exit, he paused at me and said, "Go ahead. Take the flowers. I'm serious. You can have them." My eyes terbeliak. He said I could have them!! Apalagi. I immediately started snatching stalks from the wet sponge bases. Cannot explain how happy flowers make me feel.

Look at their lilies. So GIGANTIC. Like Rafflesias. Hehe OK I'm exaggerating but they really are so big-ass and beautiful. Their petals were perfect and velvety though the yellow spores stained my white coat pretty badly. Now I understand why chicks love lilies. I never really comprehended why but I so *nod in utmost agreement* now.
Isn't this rose perfect?? IT IS!! I swear it's one of the most perfect rose I've ever laid my eyes upon. It's as brilliant as the ones I saw in Liberty, London and those cost a Lexus!! It's this rose that caught my eye before anything else and I'm not even a big fan of roses!!

I'm OK with carnations. This is a lovely lavender shade on them, non?

Are these foxgloves?? I really have no idea what these flowers are though I have seen them before. They look like jasmines but they don't stink like them. Instead they smell sugar-sweet!! And big bonus: PINK!! Or perhaps they're from the bluebell family 'cept they're pink. Oh I don't know, I'm going crazy 'cos nobody could identify and give me a proper name!! HELP!! I love them love them love them!!

I wish I had Doraemon's pocket door so I can bring them to Mmmy. I'm so infatuated and my room smells like spring.

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