Tuesday, April 03, 2007

seriously. some friend.

moi: Eh your boyfriend ah choy left alrdy ah?
Ah Yeoh: yea send a bulk sms to everyone he’s off
moi: when?? He didn’t tell me oso
Ah Yeoh: Well maybe its too expensive to do so. I can’t remember when but its last week on a week day
moi: WTF. Just sms can’t be so kuhon rite? He might hv just 4got I exist tat ungrateful muthaf*cka. Oh well wateva lah.
Ah Yeoh: Haha that’s the reaction I had when he don even bother to call. What2do im only one of his many friends. Just don expect special treatment ok girl. Hav a nice night!

Seriously. Some friend. And I’m not even JUST a friend. I’m a GOOD friend, heck, I’m GREAT… in fact I’m an absolutely SHELBULOUS SHELTASTIC friend!! I don’t even expect him to call but a miserly sms cannot hurt the pocket now can it?? I’m shell-shocked at his profoundly bad behaviour. Poor Ah Yeoh too. He’s the sensitive one amongst the three of us… I can’t even bring myself to miss him now, I’m so pissed off. WTF. Seriously. WTF. So all his random nobodies he bothers to pamit-lah (bid goodbye) all the while I still figured he was sorting his visa out in Malaysia. And don’t give me the bullsh*t of ‘if you’re truly friends issues like this shouldn’t matter’. Oh if I come home quietly and not tell him bukan main lagi merajuk. *narrow brows + pout* My turn to merajuk then!!

On another occasion...

We went looking for Eye On Malaysia at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa weeks back. It's a thing that we 3 Stooges do and most of all love doing it together with each other (I'd like to think so): corny touristy sh*t. We've done the KL Tower, fireflies in Kuala Selangor, etc... usually the fun part lies in us getting lost while trying to find whatever we were so intent on finding.

After driving around KL for 3 hours and along the same road 5 times and giving up only to turn back again when we thought we saw a sign that pointed to Jalan Pahang (don't ask me why Jalan Pahang. I don't know the streets of KL for nuts)... we finally arrived! But closed liao. So we just hung at its peripheral with the other couples just waiting to be caught by JAIS hehe.



Ah Yeoh. Look at the good job I did on his picture.

And the crappy job he did on mine.

Again: the good job I did on Ah Choy's.

And the crappy dark job he did on mine. I surrender!
It looks smaller than the London Eye and not as spacey... more of a safer and friendlier version of your basic ferris-wheel. I may be wrong so I'll reconfirm comments once I get the chance to ride it. But I bet it costs just as much as the London Eye since we probably had to hire a foreign architect and engineers. Still very cute and I bet very fun. Better luck next time.

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