Monday, April 16, 2007

make believe birthday

The day starts breezily slow as all my ideal birthdays do *wink*. I wake up not to the shrieking of an alarm clock but because I feel like opening my eyes to a brand new day: a day that celebrates me. It feels delightful to creep out of the covers smiling (inside and outside). It’s one of those days I feel so fortunate to be alive. I run myself a bath with candles (despite the sunlight streaming in!!) and breathe in the lavender emanating from my marble old English tub. My maid walks in with a small breakfast snack of spinach quiche, oatmeal-and-raisin scone and a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice (with pulp of course!!). She sets it by the tub and immediately I sashay my Chinese yet Latino-like bottom towards the munchies and start cramming the pastry down my throat. I’ve recently developed a penchant for sweet scones.

As I pat my body down with a fluffy Jasper Conran towel I potter towards my bedroom where I put on this mega-bizarre-yet-highly-fascinating Deborah Lindquist number comprising of, get this, hemp-and-cotton-blend dress with raffia and organic cotton lace trim. It makes me feel like I’m Captain Planet’s mistress :) I prance towards my dresser and slide open my Anna Sui vanity drawer set revealing my collection of Sonia Rykiel leather and plastic hair slides. I choose the purple chrysanthemum and fix it on the right parting of my hair. I slip on my Links Evil Eye ring and fix Lulu Frost’s Ecology earrings to the lobes of my ear. I’m SO LOVING EVERYTHING ALEXANDER MCQUEEN this season. THAT AND PERSPEX. Combine them both and you get a lethal dose of Alexander McQueen’s Perspex and silk sandals. On the way out I grab my Vuitton satin shopper and my purple Marc Jacobs patchwork crocodile bag. Dressed to conquer the world!!

First activity of the day, meeting up with an old friend, Peter Callesen, to see his newest work: a fairytale castle cut from a single sheet of paper. He tells me I was the muse to this piece (that to his was his birthday gift to me: artists can be such cheapskates!!) because I can be such a princess sometimes. The gallery thunders with my laughter. He is such a drama queen!!

We head over to the Rolling Greens Nursery where our mutual new-found-friend Danny Seo awaits us amidst bushes of English roses. Danny’s an eco-stylist and he presents me with an orchid potted with cacti and recycled sea glass (the same one he picked out for Kerry Washington 2 weeks ago). I squeal in delight ‘cos I’ve been wanting one of those since forever. It rocks to be a birthday girl!!

I realize that evening was approaching and headed home to get changed. Purple is the theme today and I slipped into a charmeuse and lace Valentino. That, along with switching my Lulu Frost for a pair of JAR Paris, the Evil Eye for a Tiffany & Co Celebration Ring in diamond and rose diamond as well as Links Watch Over Me necklace. Anna Molinari Perspex (EVERYONE CHEER WITH ME: PERSPEX POWER!!) suede leather pumps complete the twinkle toes and I hurry over to The Rose Bakery in Dover Street Market where a warm company of good friends, colleagues and eccentric art folks awaits me and my Alexander McQueen flower-trim clutch. I’m so excited because they opened late for my dinner party and a feast of Swedish cuisine was to be served on (loaned) Herm├ęs china. They even had cute Eric Buterbaugh centrepieces in pink. Darlings!!

After dessert and way too much rose champagne, we treaded off to Audrey Kawasaki’s workshop and she presents me with her rendition of fiery-headstrong Aries me. It’s brilliant!! Exquisite and brilliant!! A little hydrocephalic with the sunset eyes and empty gaze but absolute brilliance nonetheless. We all cheered and headed to a nearby pub (with a dance floor) where we ended the night with a cab ride home *bisou*

Aaah fantasy birthday gifts… my favourite part!!

The Past, Present, Future necklace

Juicy Couture Day Dreamer terry bag

An Indian star tortoise: Thalamus II

Fendi Crossword Grande in silver

P.S, disclaimer: images courtesy of Elle UK April 2007, Vogue UK April 2007, Elle USA May 2007.

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