Sunday, April 08, 2007

"it's my party and i'll cry if i want to", bon yum-yum: cafe arar

Looking back on all those years... AHAHAHAHA sounds like the beginning chapter of a dreary old book or one of your grandfather's ancient epiphanies. No-lah. My birthday is coming up and I was planning to throw myself something when OF COURSE destiny decides to play me one over and stuffed me first de la first of the first day of Internal Med's ultimately-feared LONG CASE exam the monday after my birthday. So as usual I gave the birthday thing a rest. Maybe I'll do it after my birthday. Pretty used to it, 6 years of having my birthday amidst exams... this is just yet another day.

I was looking through my old photos just to reminisce how I've spent my birthdays all these years in Indon and came to a conclusion I do them pretty nicely given the circumstances. Weird thing is they all have a Pizza Hut theme. Must break free from pepperoni..

My first Indon birthday. My first coursemates of Indon. And a birthday breakfast cheesecake with Strawberry-shortcake. Miss RazaRaza made me a bowl of steamboat-ish soup to go with the meal. Look at my violet-tinted shades: hippy siut!

I have no idea what happened to my 2nd Indon B'day. It's like the aliens came and zippideedoodah erased my memory of that year. Very very weird.

My 3rd Indon birhday of a cute but crummy Holland Bakery (or was it Red Tulip) chocolate cake and a great breakfast of Brahim's fast-to-cook-good-to-eat curry delicacies. I also treated myself to my Prague champagne which I kept away for something Shelbulous. It's Shelbulous to turn 23 so there.

Miss KhaiKhai was kind enough to offer her home as venue to Mine-MissKosKos-AhTKL conjoint birthday pot-luck celebration. The theme was 'Creatures of The Sea' and everyone was assigned to come as a certain sea-creature. Funny enough despite having to draw the names to each creature outta a box, everyone ended up pretty much resembling their assigned creature n terms of personality, like their names drew towards each other. I was a sea-horse: pretty and exquisite. Miss KosKos a shark: deadly and fearsome. Ah TKL dolphin: intelligent and friendly.

Exams, the usual. So they got me a personal pan. It was a small-scale nothing bash and I had more things to worry about than growing older (and colder).

Have more friends now and more mouths to feed.
Brought the girls out to a more personalized evening out. Cafe Arar is a good place to celebrate one's birthday. They even let me belt out falsettos (convincingly scaring away potential customers) plus offer me a meal discount for it. They so cute. theme was pink yet I wasn't wearing any. Keke.

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