Saturday, April 07, 2007

deputy minister of health comes to town

Fancy meeting Miss SavSav at Seruni Cafe (hospital's exclusive canteen more like it) today!! I haven't seen her in, like, I don't know... 4 years perhaps?? She used to live diagonally opposite me in Wisma Dara: the sh*thole dorm I stayed in during my first year in Jatinangor. She moved to Jakarta after that. Back then she had loadsa cool friends in bands and once brought us to this super gig. She's now working in Jakarta.
Later in the evening, we attended a meet-and-greet with Malaysia's Deputy Minister of Health (Datuk Dr Hj Abdul Latiff) at Grand Preanger Hotel, Bandung. He hosted a makan-makan for all the students studying in Bandung and everyone from the Jatinangor campus and ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) came over to wolf makan gratis.

I came straight from the hospital so there was no time to prim myself except to spray on some SKII and pucker up on some lipgloss. Thank goodness I didn't look TOO tragic that night. Isn't this the shelbysweetest picture of Miss JoeJoe and I?? We're both wearing yellow batik baju kurung lagi. Mine's from Kelantan though so mine's more Shelbulous keke.

Frankly, I don't know is it because I'm absolutely rubbish at all-thing-political but I really didn't know our Deputy Minister of Health is this man called Datuk Dr Hj Abdul Latiff. I figured, "Whatever-lah. I'm just here for the free food". I mean we all KNOW that when big people come over to Bandung it's really just to play golf so... maybe he decided to also perform an extra-curricular activity by hosting a free makan. Who knows he might actually get to know us too?

We cute. Me amoi celup melayu (or as Datuk Abd Latiff hilariously put it to be as 3rd species). AHAHAHAHA

Check out Miss KhaiKhai (2nd row, 1st from the right) sub-blonde hair colour. Chun-ted or what? I wanna streak / highlight my hair too!!

Man I look so AMAH beside her. She looks so Mak Datin ceuy!!
He funny. He really is. And realistic and less rigid or pompous like the rest of them nobodies of the Cabinet world. Sometimes politicians should come to their senses that there ARE SOME of us who aren't village mushrooms anymore. We're educated and we enjoy thinking or forming opinions and voicing our rights. I'm glad he didn't act too pretentious or I would have gagged. All in all a pretty fine person.

He even even let us eat first (probably after hearing our table complain out ALOUD that we're freakin' hungry and they should just get on with the programme) which is a BIG plus-point for me. Good political PR move. And he went from table to table saying his hellos. And he didn't wear those silly safari jacket uniforms. In fact I think his entourage dressed much better than him. I could definitely learn a deal from him. He's my type of person: pressing on networking etc. Worth the journey to this dinner.

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