Sunday, April 01, 2007

be my own favourite girl

“If I could escape I would but first of all, let me say
I must apologize for acting stank & treating you this way
Cause I've been acting like sour milk all on the floor…”

I’ve been mean to myself… allowing myself to indulge in gluttony and everything toxic-negative. And so I’ve decided to pay ME a little more attention. I’ve started out by pumping in the goodies (which Dddy never fails to stock me up but I never bothered to consume) like Gingko Biloba to enhance my poor memory (I’m abysmal with names), Folic Acid to promote hair growth (haven’t you noticed that horrifying spot forming at the crown?? Well I have), Vitamin B-complex & C (obviously) and Coenzyme Q-10 to boost my energy levels. And I’ll finally do the whole EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) business and get Mmmy off my back about it. That and hepatoprotector (liver protector) supplements. Bet my body’s gonna go “Woot Woot!!” Nutrition overdrive siut XP

“You held me down, I'm at my lowest boiling point
Come help me out, I need to get me out of this joint
Come on let's bounce, counting on you to turn me around
Instead of clowning around, let's look for some common ground…”

I’m also drinking at a mug of green tea everyday along with ginger drink, oolong tea (aids slimming supposedly) and rose petals infusion (anti-depressant, rich in Vitamin C, supposedly preserves beauty and youth, reduced high cholesterol). Gonna monitor my fluid intake and make sure I take at least 1.5 Litres of water if not 2 Litres. Trying to cut down on the sugar intake while at it means LESS Teh Botol Sosro. No more almost-daily trips to Honeymoon Dessert cafe!!

“If I could escape and recreate a place that's my own world
And I could be your favourite girl (forever),
Perfectly together
Tell me boy now wouldn't that be sweet? (sweet escape)
If I could be sweet, I know I've been a real bad girl (I'll try to change)
I didn't mean for you to get hurt (whatsoever)
We can make it better, Tell me boy wouldn't that be sweet? (sweet escape)…”

I’m thinking of using the some sort free periods between my punch-in to sneak to the gym even if it’s for just half an hour of running. I haven’t done any cardio in MONTHS. I want to lose around 2 – 3 kg before my birthday in 2 weeks time. Goodness knows what has come over me that I’m just being so good to myself. Figured if anyone should be oh-so-nice to myself it should better as hell be me!! Besides after all the emotional turmoil I really ought to just sit back and take things easy for awhile. No more of this love-crapsh*t ‘till I’m physically / mentally ready to take another blow at heartbreak.

“Woohoo, Yeehoo (I wanna get away, get away)
Woohoo, Yeehoo (To our sweet escape)
Woohoo, Yeehoo (I wanna get away)
Woohoo, Yeehoo (Yeah)
Woohoo, Yeehoo
Woohoo, Yeehoo…”

… Gwen Stefani feat Akon, Sweet Escape …

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