Monday, March 05, 2007

spring is here

Afew days ago I was sulking ‘cos Tomodachi boutique had ran out of a T-shirt I was totally saving up for. Instead Miss KosKos scored herself a cute Jil Sanders top and left me without a freakin’ purchase. I hate it when I don’t buy anything. So I’m a pathological shopper, so?? There was this other cute top but it was totally overpriced. It didn’t help that the place only carried up to US size 4s. OMG. I think I can barely squeeze into a US size 8 so heaven only knows how I would be able to force myself into any of the outfits there. Maybe this is a blaring radar for me to really LOSE INCHES ‘cos there are just so many stuff I want to buy but hardly anything I can fit into. This is the part where it sucks to be FAT. I cannot believe this place only carries up to US size 4. Girls must be practically skeletons here. They are actually.

Anyway I’m happy today ‘cos I dropped by Zonzo and found a navy blue See by Chloe satin smock for only approx RM300!! What a bloody bargain!! I know Mmmy hates it when I wear those 60s inspired Georgette dresses ‘cos it makes me look pregnant or, horrors, worse: FAT-TER!! :D But I love them all the same… I love what people wore back in the days when Pucci prints were the rave and paisley was motif of the year!! Actually it’s my face really. If it wasn’t so big and round I wouldn’t look so much FAT-ter than I really am. You may call this being in denial or going on defence mode but I’ve seen FAT people with slim oval faces and they do not look as FAT as they seem. Funny how the pretty thin face could offer absolute illusion as to how large the body can be where as FAT people with FAT round faces suffers from weight value times 3. Anyway I was really happy with the Chloe dress. It’s tres chic. There was another psychedelic child-like peasant top by Tsumori Chisato which was SUPER fabulosity!! But the top itself cost about RM250… not worth-lah, especially since I couldn’t button myself up all the way: too FAT!!

The exam will be up soon and I’m worried that I might f*ck it up. I hope not. I’ll try not too. But you’ll never really know when it comes to me and exams. I absolutely suck at them.

I’m going home soon YEAYYY..!! I really wanna get that chunky new Gucci triple buckle snakeskin belt and perhaps a Chanel ‘Charms’ wallet too if they are available in the line. I’m also looking forward to viewing Vuitton’s new Spring / Summer ’07 line (featuring Scarlett Johannsen) especially the embellished canvas tote and the mink porter’s bag. Don’t think Dddy would be too pleased to learn about my mission.

I see so many cool sh*t in Spring magazines like:
- the Gucci snakeskin belt
- the Fendi spacey Crossword Grande (+ clutches + belts)- Giles for Mulberry spike ball-n-chain charm
- Dolce & Gabbana kick-ass transparent heels + wedges + silver corset dress + Animalier leopard-print minis!!
- Tod flats
- Luella geek charms
- Etro paisley chiffon tops
- Louis Vuitton floral corsets + headbands
- Tatty Devine acrylic “kiss” brooch
- the Marc Jacobs gold python
- Chloe multi-buckle Mary-Janes + embellished cardigans
- Badgley Mischka Platinum Sportwear line
- Chanel capsule collection (of course!!)- Alexander McQueen tulle heels
- Blumarine floral peasant tops
- Thakoon Panichgul rose ruffles
- Marni leather clutches
- Marchesa babydolls
- Bottega Venetta print dresses
- Alessandro Dell’Acqua sequinned jackets
- the Ferragamo crotchet leather trim bag

Oh how I welcome the Spring :)

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