Friday, March 09, 2007

shiatsu, should u?

You cannot believe what I scored for only approximately RM150: a Bathing Ape baby Milo jumper!! It’s super-cute with printed stars and silver eyes on the hood. ME LIKES!!

Going home the day after tomorrow lu.. so you know what this means: shopping, getting my week’s wardrobe ready, getting my pussy waxed, my eyebrows plucked and my legs shaved. I can’t wait to get my hair done in Malaysia: it’s usually the first thing on my schedule, apart from my braces being tightened.

I decided, at the spur of moment, to get a shiatsu massage. There is a beam that hangs on the ceiling of my waxing parlour which has always intrigued me. The last trip I was around, I finally got round to asking what on earth was it for. The lady explained it was to help their shiatsu masseuse keep their balance. I’ve heard of shiatsu, Japanese form of massage… mainly ‘cos Brenda (6 Feet Under) does that for a living and there was this scene when she was putting pressure on this spot near the core that made Lisa cry. Supposedly that place is where one stores the pain and misery and she was helping to release it. I really didn’t know what to expect. Shiatsu is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It’s umm berat-lah. I’m such a seasoned massage person yet this, to me, was pretty odd. There is the stepping of the body parts which definitely caught me by surprise. I could hear bones go a-cracking!! And when they knead, they dig their fingers in DEEP… I yelped silently. Then there’s the stretching of limbs and folding of extremities. Hard. The twisting-pulling of joints is the scariest part of them all. You can really hear crunches out loud. The zenith moment is when she lifted me up into the air with her legs. I felt like a Chinese spinning bowl. There were other moves but she felt I wasn’t prepared. I bet.

Results: I really did feel better… all loosen up and perhaps the whole pain-for-pain concept did somehow work.

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