Saturday, March 17, 2007

“kiss me under the bearded barley”

I feel a wave of change engulfing all of us.

It was charming as always meeting the girls (my urban family) up for dinner and drinks. We had our meals in this place called Evoke in Hartamas. Y’all should go: it’s on the same street as Bojangles, behind Outback. Perhaps next time I’ll get their address. The choice of food is rather limited but seriously damn XX-P.L.C (Peng Leng Cheng). I had a serving of chicken chop for, like, RM12, or something. Brilliant!! It’s gonna be my new favourite place to eat from now on :)

Miss PalnaPalna is 3 months into her new job as a PR representative for a Publishing house: RYTHM. They’ve provided her the use of a Nokia Communicator and she’ll be going to Jakarta somewhat end of this month for a book tour. The pay’s decent too. Miss ChongChong is in the middle of a career change. I really think that IBM is making THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THEIR LIVES by shelving a humongous talent such as Miss ChongChong. They ought to know better than to allow, I dunno, office politics to get in the way of business(??). Don’t these people watch, like, The Apprentice or something?? As for Miss TanTan, she has been offered an incentive trip by Perodua to Perth next month. She, too, is considering switching her jobs so everyone’s passing their CVs to Miss ChewChew who is absolutely loving her job in the head-hunting industry. She works for JenJobs (I’m not too familiar with this but everyone’s nodding in acknowledgement so I’ll just follow suit). As for me, haven’t y’all heard enough of me ranting ‘bout my life filled with transitions?? If things go to sched I’ll be working by the end of this year. OMGGGGG!! Now that’s what you freaking call CHANGE :P

Having drinks at SOMO, Mont Kiara while...

Getting tatts ;)

If it wasn’t for my steadfast principles and my unwavering discipline there is a huge possibility I would have either became a whore, an alcoholic, a heroin addict or all of the above. I’ve come to a personal apprehension that in response to extreme stress and grief I react by either heavy-duty shopping or carrying out naughty conducts. I’m already a bankrupt most of the time which leaves the latter to be worried about. I made out with someone’s girlfriend and some girls’ boyfriends! I wasn’t even in a drunken stupor… there was a game being played and when the two hetero boys briefly tongued each other there really was no other choice but to tongue the girl in kind. Yes-lah she’s hot. Yes-lah it was pretty nice. Didn’t turn me on though *phew* or maybe damn(!!) *shrug* Guess I can bid goodbye to the L world *wink*. So how does a girl-on-girl snog feel like?? Hmm, I haven’t exactly been in practice but the mouth is definitely smaller and the tongue less forceful. Boys tend to take charge of the making out process and the part where they cleverly lash their tongue against yours… gets me all weak in the knees. Though I’m not too sure ‘bout Malaysian boys. Either everything was done in too much of a hurry or the influence of alcohol made things dire ‘cos, seriously, I’ve had better making out sessions back in my UK heydays. I believe I should give them a second chance.

Malaysian boys: prove me wrong!! G*ddd.. your reputation is at stake here!!

And here’s another millennium dating question… is it OK for your husband to kiss random chicks in a club as long as he holds down the principle of no-tongues and nothing-furthers?? I met this very very HOT pilot in Velvet / Zouk the other day. He was young, say late twenties maybe, with supposedly 2 kids (I have no idea why boys find it sexy to tell us girls they have kids!! This is not the first time someone pulled this on me. I’m, like, “Wh..??”). And here he is in one of KL’s most notorious clubs shaking his booty and smooching the girls and me. Is this appropriate behaviour for a husband cum father to act so despite his ability to set limits? I mean, as a wife, am I supposed to tolerate this type of behaviour in order to allow the relationship to be less suffocating and more marriage-friendly? I’m confused. Must be my lack of socialization keeping me within the realms of my own coconut shell… ‘cos when I go out I find that I really have to buka my wawasan or I’d never be able to accept certain practices of the present. I’ve been asking around and most of the responses have been similar: this is unaccepted behaviour and I should not spoil my husband into thinking he can do whatever sh*t he wants ‘cos if he did, then he shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place. Besides men have TOTAL NO self-control and one day he would easily slip into temptation and totally break my heart. Yet I’m terrified he’d think I’m such a prude to not be open-minded about this.

P.S: Need to get the girl-on-girl sh*t documented for my future husband.

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