Wednesday, January 24, 2007

pediatrics emergency

Have to sit in the perinatal cubicle of the emergency room cos I can't bring myself to leave the babies just in case one of them decides to go apnea on me. There were 5 of 'em initially.. 1 got transferred to the ICU, 1 was checked into the ward, 1 ‘+’ aka R.I.P-ed, and now there's 2 left: a sepsis and the other a spina bifida (with multiple congenital malformation) case. I don't know if I'm liking the ER more than the wards or perinatology but one thing's for sure, it's quiet now and I can sit and phase out for abit y'know. First day of my period AND I have to jaga.. World with no justice.
Guess who I see walking up and down the corridor to get to the pharmacy depot and back?? Mr Hotstuff!! *giggles* He's kinda chubby now but who am I to pass this sort of remark when I’m the size of 22-year-old Roseanne!!

F*ck I'm tired. I wanna sleep but I'm too afraid one of them might die. I can’t study ‘cos my brain is too f*cked up to absorb anything and man does my calves ache (especially with me having my period and all that). When will the day ever end??

They say Pediatrics is probably the worst department within the internship rotation. I have to say I quite believe it to be true. The Pediatrics nurses can be quite abit of a witch sometimes. I don’t get a lot of nonsensical crap about the entire department. The residents don’t allow us to sit out in the wards ‘cos we’d be taking up their work spaces. We can’t hang out front ‘cos the nurses don’t want us resting at their rest stations, yet we’re not allowed to go and hang out at the back (intern corner) as we would seem too redundant. So most of us end up pacing up and down the corridor or leaning against patients’ beds only to be fired properly by consultants who find it preposterous that we can’t find a decent place to gather. We can’t win.

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