Tuesday, March 13, 2007

mahjong mania

Look at how many 'flowers' I got!! But couldn't game in time and so... darn(!!) EVERYTHING WASTED, DOWN THE DRAIN!!

I love mahjong. I’m crap at it but I love it. There is a certain sharp witty finesse to the game and the best thing about it is its downright-dirty-strategy-driven concept. It’s all about being tactical. I haven’t properly grasped the movements well but I assure you I’m getting there. I don’t know what took me so long to realize that mahjong rocks!! Everyone I know plays it and it’s a ritual on Chinese New Year… there’re even movies made about Kings of Mahjong yet I never bothered to understand the game. But now that Ah Yeoh made me sit down and comprehend the magic of “phoongs” and “kongs” and big-brother small-brother, I cannot be more intrigued. This game is epic!!

I gamed!! But Ah Yeoh said I didn't play my strategy well or I'd be able to WIN BIG :(

Upon coming home I had arranged with Ah Yeoh for us to game in his house. Usually they’d bring me to this sleazy snooker-place in DJ with a tiny back room packed with 2 mahjong tables and we’d lease one of ‘em. This time I decided against it because firstly it was an inappropriate place for a nice, sweet girl like me to be seen in a crowd like that and secondly their toilet is purge-inducing. Also my parents warned me about the high season mahjong-raids that have been happening recently. I cannot afford to get arrested. I don’t understand. Why can’t people legally play mahjong?? I don’t play for the money. I play for the skill. But I suppose I’m the minority against the millions who do play for the moolah. Maybe when I get good I’d be playing for the moolah too.

Yah as you can see. Not very good at the game YET.

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