Saturday, March 17, 2007

love knows no pedigree ii

L-R: Miss PalnaPalna, Miss ChewChew

L-R: Miss PalnaPalna, Shelbylicious moi rocking it out with the paw-paws

OK-lah very keh-lian-lah the animal stories. If you like animals (mainly cats and dogs), do the streets of KL abit of good and adopt one of those rascals dong!

There was a wee bit of talk goin on 'bout this dog-groomer though I'm not too sure what does it have to do with SPCA (as in buy a stray and shampoo for charity??). I was mainly looking out for Channel-V VJ Sarah Tan but she tak datrang pun. What a con!! Miss PalnaPalna did manage to wriggle a conversation outta VJ Dom and she says he's sweet. With eyes like those, y'bet!!
P.S: SPCA will be holding the Adoption program every weekend at the Rainforest section of One Utama so go have a look-see and get some mutts out of our streets and into your homes-lah.

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