Friday, March 23, 2007

hairband havoc

Feel absolutely rubbish. It has been a dreadful day. Moving along to brighter agendas: I've just realized I'm building a hairband collection. Skinny ones though and not the thick sort 'cos I've such a round face, thick ones would just accentuate it.

My utmost favourite. It has a little tiara / crown at the side and when I put this on I make people kiss my hand.

A little too blur to see the glass-like beads on this girlie piece... major Tinkerbell alert!!

OK abit juvenile. Since when it's against the law to be childish?

Tartan China-mari and it even has a non-genuine "Anna Sui" mini plate attached to one of the buttons. Chic-leh?

I once saw Cik Hilton model one of these (I already had it then which makes me SUPER FASHION FORWARD) in white.

This is from MNG and patent and bronze-gold in shade. Parfait!!

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