Tuesday, January 30, 2007

“could you take my picture? ‘cos I won’t remember”

(msn)Ah Yung: When u coming back?
moi: march i think. why? dying to buy me dinner leh. ok-lah relieve you off your misery. it's a d8!!
Ah Yung: Hahhahah..i looking for models...u wana b my model?
moi: what type of model? sorry my ass and tits cost extra rm750,000 per pair. don't think you can afford me
moi: but if the for fun kind of model can also. wahhh cool. i'll totally starve for this!!
moi: but i dowan those lame cliche holding tree bark or leaning againt wall or cupping my chin kind. must be spontaneous and vogue-like poses.
moi: omg i'm super excited!!

Don’t know if the lame ass bugger is serious but if he is… then THIS TOTALLY CALLS FOR ANOREXICITY!! I have exactly the entire month of February (dang only 28 days in the month) and probably half of March to NOT EAT, run abit and rejuvenate my ailing hair. Must look at least a LITTLE thinER as I sprawl across a Lamborghini or skip down a lane in the rain. ahaHAHAHA I’m so thrilled to have pictures taken of me. Don’t know if Ah Yung’s any good: I’ve only seen an (‘an’ as in singular) image of his work but hey beggars cannot be choosers. Want him to take lots and lots of hot pictures of myself so I can post it on Friendster (kakaka I love it that I’m so lame!!) and blow it up big time into a cardboard cut-out. AHAHAHAHAHA.

Say only-lah. So malas to go on diet. Pediatrics is hard and my only solace is high-calorie munchies.

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