Friday, March 30, 2007

cheers to the ole granny, bon yum-yum: momiji

Miss KosKos and I go a pretty long way back from the first time I met her and her pouty face at the Indon embassy 'till the time we shared a house in Pondok Mulana, Jatinangor 'till now. Much has happened since and I expect more to come.

For her birthday dinner she brought us to Momiji this Japananese cuisine restaurant at Jalan Braga opposite Braga City Walk. There's a special chamber-like room upstairs which offers much privacy and exclusivity. We're liking the ambience(!!). 'Cos I'm short I had to stack 2 rattan seaters in order to reach up the table.

Wanna go? Nah: address!!

Bamboo-L (as in cool)!!

Miss MasMas makes sure the hair is 'under control'. Miss IyanIyan has her stakes on some MNG frocks.

Miss JoeJoe mengamati clothes too as Miss KosKos starts to meleter.

Miss KosKos: *meleteeeeeeer* Moi: ??

Suki :) Suka!
There you have it, just another birthday movie...

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