Saturday, March 31, 2007

shelbulosity galore!!

Presenting my Shelbulous people of year 2007: Miss IyanIyan, Miss JoeJoe, Miss KosKos, C'EST MOI, Miss MasMas

Great ones like moi of course: VIVA Uncensored? Uninhibited? Unmarried? Y'bet your granny-spandex-knickers!!

I'm McSexy (yataaa!!). Get your dose of McLOVERS right here in McBacheloretteLand :)

Definitely. Abaden? Mmmy used to look through my class pictures and shake her head in awe at how much female medical students have evolved since her era. She's surprised at how cute girls are now doctors too 'cos it used to be just the thick-lensed-horn-rim girls with skema-badut hair and uptight personality. Hmm, but who said I'm not skema-badut?

Move aside American Top Model! What the world needs now is The Next Hot Doctors!! We'll sizzle your pain away...

Close with something vintage...

Photo edits by 3Colors, BSM Bandung

Friday, March 30, 2007

cheers to the ole granny, bon yum-yum: momiji

Miss KosKos and I go a pretty long way back from the first time I met her and her pouty face at the Indon embassy 'till the time we shared a house in Pondok Mulana, Jatinangor 'till now. Much has happened since and I expect more to come.

For her birthday dinner she brought us to Momiji this Japananese cuisine restaurant at Jalan Braga opposite Braga City Walk. There's a special chamber-like room upstairs which offers much privacy and exclusivity. We're liking the ambience(!!). 'Cos I'm short I had to stack 2 rattan seaters in order to reach up the table.

Wanna go? Nah: address!!

Bamboo-L (as in cool)!!

Miss MasMas makes sure the hair is 'under control'. Miss IyanIyan has her stakes on some MNG frocks.

Miss JoeJoe mengamati clothes too as Miss KosKos starts to meleter.

Miss KosKos: *meleteeeeeeer* Moi: ??

Suki :) Suka!
There you have it, just another birthday movie...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

one of those things-lah

Miss KosKos’ birthday is tomorrow. We’ll be sharing the same age ‘till I turn a year older in a fortnight. She’ll be taking us for dinner and the theme or perhaps dress code, to put it correctly, is Dress!! Literally we’re all required to wear dresses and to dress up :) I love dolling up. I’m torn between wearing something grown up, something youthful (think bright red and blue polka-dots on white base) and something more traditional / classic. I don’t really want to look like the only bubble-gum pop amidst the other monotoners. I’m in the middle of planning my party too. I think I’m gonna make this one pretty darn good ‘cos it’s my last Indon birthday (yahoo!!). I’m so glad that there are so many celebrations going around ‘cos it gives me a good reason to GET CUTE and pretty.

My patient died the other day when I “jaga”-ed. That’s why I was feeling crummy early this week. It was the first day of Internal medicine and I was the first on duty. I’ve never been the first to start out the “jaga” sched so this was definitely a very unfamiliar territory for me. I’m usually like the ones at the end (‘cos of my name) and have korek-ed enough feedback to at least look confident on my first “jaga”. After reporting to the resident-on-duty me and this other girl started to take the vitals (blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature)… I was supposed to monitor 2 patients very closely: Renal Lupus (current problem hematemesis – vomit blood) and a chronic TB patient (current problem dyspnea). Later in the day as I was doing my follow-up I found that the Lupus chick’s bp had dropped from 110/70mmHg (normal) to 60/40mmHg (BADD!!). I immediately rang the resident in charge.

(crappy enactment of conversation)
moi: Dr! The girl’s blood pressure has dropped to 60/40!Resident: Is that so? OK the patient is going into shock. Do start fluid resuscitation and loading immediately.
moi: *figuring*
Resident: OK then, is that all? Bye.
moi: *still figuring*
Resident: *puts down receiver*
moi: … OMG.

Apart from OBGYN I’ve never really been left to handle patients on my very own. There’s always a resident in-charge looking over my shoulder, breathing down my neck really… which I now find to be the better alternative than having to be absolutely independent in having to make decisions. I know this is good training to allow me to finally muster enough courage to fend for myself but this is my FIRST “jaga” in Internal Med. Don’t I require supervision?? I went to the nurse station for help in loading the fluids but all they did was go to patient’s bed, watch me clamber about and left. WTF?? Aren’t nurses supposed to ASSIST doctors?? Anyway there wasn’t time to be fussing over responsibilities. I made the patient’s husband squeeze on the Sodium Chloride infusion as I took the blood pressure. He alternated with his brother-in-law ‘cos it’s tiring sh*t to squeeze plastic bottles above your head. I don’t blame him. As I watched them load the fluids in I watched the blood pressure slowly creeping up the scale and settling at 80/50mmHg. We stopped guyur-ing and I allowed the infuse to drip by itself in its fastest pace. I then went to pause of a drink of water. I realized she fell into shock ‘cos her bloody family shut her i.v off when they were helping her to sit up or something. Damnit!! I totally told them off sternly. Dunno why I was so garang though. Maybe bad mood. I usually try to be sweet.

So tired… She stabilized at 80/50mmHg for quite awhile so I left her for abit so I could tend to other things. I had just dozed off when her father woke me up in a hurry. There was a certain fall in his face that made me sense that there was something VERY wrong. I rushed to her bed and found her motionless on the bed. Argh crap!! I checked for pulse. Probably felt like one random beat or something so I immediately began on CPR during which a senior nurse quickly brought the ambulatory bag to aid in resuscitation. My crappy partner was asleep in the other room so there was noone to call the doctor on the landline (she wasn’t answering her mobile)… MAN. I took a brief pause to gather energy and ran to the landline when the resident walked in. She checked the chick’s pupils and it was fully dilated with no response. She gone liao. ECG: flatline. The wailing began. Oh well. I was thanked for my efforts but it failed to make me feel any better. It gets easier but it never gets any better when a patient of yours die. Sh*t. Seriously. Sh*t. *sigh* one of those things-lah…

Something random…
(msg)moi: PLEASE HELP ME GET AN ANYA HINDMARCH ‘I’m not a plasticbag’ bag from sainsburys or dover st market or her boutique. It’s only £5!!Sophiekins: U f*ckr u shdv sd the bag was cmin out in april. I ran 2 evry sains in lpool evn tk a taxi 2 the big one in g*d knws whr n no1 knew wat I was sayn!
On another occasion…
moi: Giles for Mulberry: VRY IMPORTANTE mace keyring in black £195 and clutch in black £395. Mulberry Manchester. Call n ask if they hv those 2 items esp keyring. If yes, reserve n go buy thm nx day. if don’t hv I will buy online wateva available. Black mace sold out online :(
Sophiekins: Yeah I’v reservd it. I gt the last keyring.
moi: clutch?? Did u get tat 2? OMGGGG I cannot believ u got d last keyring!! Giles 4tune on our side. I’m planng a small but gr8 bday get2geda. Theme is floral.
Sophiekins: I’m nt a moron. I cn read. Yes I gt the clutch. Hw fun wish I was ther bt nd 2 fin my work. Ur lucky I took a loo break 2 mk ur call.
moi: I’ll consider tat my bday gift. Shelbulous!! I’m cutting down on spendg cos of d new car. Last 2 trips I didn’t buy anytg. Parents pleased.

Friday, March 23, 2007

hairband havoc

Feel absolutely rubbish. It has been a dreadful day. Moving along to brighter agendas: I've just realized I'm building a hairband collection. Skinny ones though and not the thick sort 'cos I've such a round face, thick ones would just accentuate it.

My utmost favourite. It has a little tiara / crown at the side and when I put this on I make people kiss my hand.

A little too blur to see the glass-like beads on this girlie piece... major Tinkerbell alert!!

OK abit juvenile. Since when it's against the law to be childish?

Tartan China-mari and it even has a non-genuine "Anna Sui" mini plate attached to one of the buttons. Chic-leh?

I once saw Cik Hilton model one of these (I already had it then which makes me SUPER FASHION FORWARD) in white.

This is from MNG and patent and bronze-gold in shade. Parfait!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

"move along"

“I’m through with doubt
There’s nothing left for me to figure out
I’ve paid a price
And I’ll keep paying…”

I closed shop with Mr Orange. I was WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. I’m nothing to him. Whatever made me think I played an important role in his life?? Again, I’m at the sucker’s end of the equation. I know everyone thinks there was no need to resurface the issue and that I should have silently moved on / away. There is no wrong and there is no right as to how things should be done. If there’s ever regret, it would be that I should have done this so much earlier. Shouldn’t have waited a year. Should have had more balls. On his part especially. Things are just so f*cked up for all of us. I cannot believe my strength. I can’t believe I’m so strong. Then again I’ve had to stomach so much already so…

I don’t know why I’m so angry. More of me being angry with myself for being such an idiot. Again. Allowing myself to be seduced into thinking this could be the potential love of my life only to be halted a few steps before the anything could materialize. I’m angry that he was willing to give ME up: this absolutely SUPER person who loved him much and could protect him forever. He chose everyone over me. Everyone. I’m angry that he belittled our relationship. I’m angry at myself for letting my guard down. I’m angry I didn’t see this coming a year ago. I’m angry for being in love… actually mostly just bitter that I didn’t get with my soulmate(??). But then again just ‘cos we’re soulmates doesn’t mean we have to be together. I suppose whoever who manage to get with their soulmates are really really fortunate people. As for the rest of us, all we can do is to keep trying.

“Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I’m not sure I could
They say time heals everything
But I’m still waiting.”
… Dixie Chicks, Not Ready To Make Nice …

P.S: (msg)
at least u hv ur career n its nt ovr 4 u yet. Carrie met Big when she was 30sumthin. He’s gonna wake up 1 day bald unhappy n divorced prob. N u’ll b thin wid a fab life.

P.P.S: what will I do without my dear sister?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

love knows no pedigree i

Miss PalnaPalna was helping out with SPCA's 'Love Knows No Pedigree' RDCTV T-Shirt Crossover Project & Adoption campaign so we decided to help out by attending it. I was very impressed by the T0shirts that were on sale. Very nicely done and if I was any more of an animal lover I would have bought them all.

Pink theme. They really know their colours, don't they?
Introducing RDCTV T-shirt Crossover Project. The project aims to expand upon the art based t-shirt by giving some of today’s renowned artists and designers a canvas with a RDCTV label to express themselves. The project works as a platform to share ideas and styles across a wearable medium; it also plays a part to unearth undiscovered talents not only in Malaysia, but from the whole universe.

Based in Lille, France. Graphic designer / illustrator. His monsters / ghosts are more ridiculous than horrible. They are the mirror of what we have in mind (fear, hate, power, money, madness). The monsters / ghosts are monsters we can find in a freak show, they can make us laugh, fear or vomit but they are not monsters. They are more human than humans.

PLUSHISM wonderer says: “I LOVE WHAT I DO AND DO WHAT I LOVE”. The PLUSHISM wonderer started her little sewing passion from her seamstress mother. Her journey for creating plushies went wilder ever since, landing her in PLUSHISM wonderland. Apart for her love for doodling and passion for sewing, she also enjoys meeting like minded pals.

Meomi is dedicated to the creation of compelling visual experiences and narratives. We do work for multiple mediums and strongly believe in design that delights, entices, and inspires. We are deeply committed to our clients by providing them with the highest quality critters to embellish relationships, increase efficiency and achieve business goals.

Bard’s work has been displayed in numerous globally distributed design books (Die Gestalten Verlag, Index Books, Feierabend Verlag), in exhibitions and festivals in London and Berlin (Pictoplasma Conference, WIWP Unplugged + Remixed), as well as several magazines (Elle, Designflux, Web Designing Japan, Playtimes Magazine), websites and other design related forums.

love knows no pedigree ii

L-R: Miss PalnaPalna, Miss ChewChew

L-R: Miss PalnaPalna, Shelbylicious moi rocking it out with the paw-paws

OK-lah very keh-lian-lah the animal stories. If you like animals (mainly cats and dogs), do the streets of KL abit of good and adopt one of those rascals dong!

There was a wee bit of talk goin on 'bout this dog-groomer though I'm not too sure what does it have to do with SPCA (as in buy a stray and shampoo for charity??). I was mainly looking out for Channel-V VJ Sarah Tan but she tak datrang pun. What a con!! Miss PalnaPalna did manage to wriggle a conversation outta VJ Dom and she says he's sweet. With eyes like those, y'bet!!
P.S: SPCA will be holding the Adoption program every weekend at the Rainforest section of One Utama so go have a look-see and get some mutts out of our streets and into your homes-lah.

“kiss me under the bearded barley”

I feel a wave of change engulfing all of us.

It was charming as always meeting the girls (my urban family) up for dinner and drinks. We had our meals in this place called Evoke in Hartamas. Y’all should go: it’s on the same street as Bojangles, behind Outback. Perhaps next time I’ll get their address. The choice of food is rather limited but seriously damn XX-P.L.C (Peng Leng Cheng). I had a serving of chicken chop for, like, RM12, or something. Brilliant!! It’s gonna be my new favourite place to eat from now on :)

Miss PalnaPalna is 3 months into her new job as a PR representative for a Publishing house: RYTHM. They’ve provided her the use of a Nokia Communicator and she’ll be going to Jakarta somewhat end of this month for a book tour. The pay’s decent too. Miss ChongChong is in the middle of a career change. I really think that IBM is making THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THEIR LIVES by shelving a humongous talent such as Miss ChongChong. They ought to know better than to allow, I dunno, office politics to get in the way of business(??). Don’t these people watch, like, The Apprentice or something?? As for Miss TanTan, she has been offered an incentive trip by Perodua to Perth next month. She, too, is considering switching her jobs so everyone’s passing their CVs to Miss ChewChew who is absolutely loving her job in the head-hunting industry. She works for JenJobs (I’m not too familiar with this but everyone’s nodding in acknowledgement so I’ll just follow suit). As for me, haven’t y’all heard enough of me ranting ‘bout my life filled with transitions?? If things go to sched I’ll be working by the end of this year. OMGGGGG!! Now that’s what you freaking call CHANGE :P

Having drinks at SOMO, Mont Kiara while...

Getting tatts ;)

If it wasn’t for my steadfast principles and my unwavering discipline there is a huge possibility I would have either became a whore, an alcoholic, a heroin addict or all of the above. I’ve come to a personal apprehension that in response to extreme stress and grief I react by either heavy-duty shopping or carrying out naughty conducts. I’m already a bankrupt most of the time which leaves the latter to be worried about. I made out with someone’s girlfriend and some girls’ boyfriends! I wasn’t even in a drunken stupor… there was a game being played and when the two hetero boys briefly tongued each other there really was no other choice but to tongue the girl in kind. Yes-lah she’s hot. Yes-lah it was pretty nice. Didn’t turn me on though *phew* or maybe damn(!!) *shrug* Guess I can bid goodbye to the L world *wink*. So how does a girl-on-girl snog feel like?? Hmm, I haven’t exactly been in practice but the mouth is definitely smaller and the tongue less forceful. Boys tend to take charge of the making out process and the part where they cleverly lash their tongue against yours… gets me all weak in the knees. Though I’m not too sure ‘bout Malaysian boys. Either everything was done in too much of a hurry or the influence of alcohol made things dire ‘cos, seriously, I’ve had better making out sessions back in my UK heydays. I believe I should give them a second chance.

Malaysian boys: prove me wrong!! G*ddd.. your reputation is at stake here!!

And here’s another millennium dating question… is it OK for your husband to kiss random chicks in a club as long as he holds down the principle of no-tongues and nothing-furthers?? I met this very very HOT pilot in Velvet / Zouk the other day. He was young, say late twenties maybe, with supposedly 2 kids (I have no idea why boys find it sexy to tell us girls they have kids!! This is not the first time someone pulled this on me. I’m, like, “Wh..??”). And here he is in one of KL’s most notorious clubs shaking his booty and smooching the girls and me. Is this appropriate behaviour for a husband cum father to act so despite his ability to set limits? I mean, as a wife, am I supposed to tolerate this type of behaviour in order to allow the relationship to be less suffocating and more marriage-friendly? I’m confused. Must be my lack of socialization keeping me within the realms of my own coconut shell… ‘cos when I go out I find that I really have to buka my wawasan or I’d never be able to accept certain practices of the present. I’ve been asking around and most of the responses have been similar: this is unaccepted behaviour and I should not spoil my husband into thinking he can do whatever sh*t he wants ‘cos if he did, then he shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place. Besides men have TOTAL NO self-control and one day he would easily slip into temptation and totally break my heart. Yet I’m terrified he’d think I’m such a prude to not be open-minded about this.

P.S: Need to get the girl-on-girl sh*t documented for my future husband.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

mahjong mania

Look at how many 'flowers' I got!! But couldn't game in time and so... darn(!!) EVERYTHING WASTED, DOWN THE DRAIN!!

I love mahjong. I’m crap at it but I love it. There is a certain sharp witty finesse to the game and the best thing about it is its downright-dirty-strategy-driven concept. It’s all about being tactical. I haven’t properly grasped the movements well but I assure you I’m getting there. I don’t know what took me so long to realize that mahjong rocks!! Everyone I know plays it and it’s a ritual on Chinese New Year… there’re even movies made about Kings of Mahjong yet I never bothered to understand the game. But now that Ah Yeoh made me sit down and comprehend the magic of “phoongs” and “kongs” and big-brother small-brother, I cannot be more intrigued. This game is epic!!

I gamed!! But Ah Yeoh said I didn't play my strategy well or I'd be able to WIN BIG :(

Upon coming home I had arranged with Ah Yeoh for us to game in his house. Usually they’d bring me to this sleazy snooker-place in DJ with a tiny back room packed with 2 mahjong tables and we’d lease one of ‘em. This time I decided against it because firstly it was an inappropriate place for a nice, sweet girl like me to be seen in a crowd like that and secondly their toilet is purge-inducing. Also my parents warned me about the high season mahjong-raids that have been happening recently. I cannot afford to get arrested. I don’t understand. Why can’t people legally play mahjong?? I don’t play for the money. I play for the skill. But I suppose I’m the minority against the millions who do play for the moolah. Maybe when I get good I’d be playing for the moolah too.

Yah as you can see. Not very good at the game YET.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

bad things

When very bad things happen I usually don’t talk about it ‘till much later. It’s how I foolishly protect myself. For instance, the whole deal with Mr Orange I kept to myself for quite awhile before approaching Miss ChongChong regarding the subject. I lost my iPod video on New Year’s Eve. It’s not something I’m proud of… this happened in the LCCT arrival lounge loo. I reached into my pocket and placed the iPod on the mantelpiece as I was about to take a piss in fear of the iPod making its way into the bowl. Bad idea. I forgot and left it there. I only discovered I was missing an iPod when I watched Miss KosKos fumbled with hers. I ran back into the loo, palms sweaty, heart tachycardic and all but I was too late. The person after me in the loo had snazzed my goodie. I was furious with myself for being such an imbecile. The worse was having to tell the parents I lost my iPod. Later on I learnt from Miss KhaiKhai that she saw a chick in the loo showing off an iPod that looked like mine to her sisters / friends and later dumping it into her bag. I felt even crummier. I will NEVER remove my iPod from my pocket or bag again.

Another bad thing is that Thalamus died… 2 days before my parents arrived for the Chinese New Year. I don’t know what went wrong ‘cos it was very much alive the day before it died. I admit things were turning rough for me ‘cos I was super sick and was doing double-shifts of ‘jaga’. I believe I might not have warmed him enough. The evening I discovered his body I had left him in the sink for a quick wash as I replaced the lettuce in the aquarium. Usually he’d retract his limbs into his shell as the water hits him but this time he didn’t. I realized he was hard and cold and unresponsive. It was really dumb but I performed tortoise CPR… couldn’t help it: I was desperate and devastated. Still I didn’t have time to mourn and despite wanting to give him a proper burial, I couldn’t bring myself to hold on to his corpse. I chucked him into the bin and rushed back to the hospital. I don’t know why I’m just so unfazed or perhaps so uncompassionate about this but I was too tired to deal with the crummy feelings. It had been a nasty couple of weeks and I just couldn’t bring myself to pause and accept all the negative feelings.

Thalamus passing away was somehow, to me, a precursor that I could be a terrible mother. I developed nightmares of me killing my own baby due to neglect which lasted for a week. I mean if I can’t take care of a tortoise (which is almost hassle-free), how can I take care of a baby… this being that needs constant care and nurture?? I always thought I’d be a pretty good mother but this only goes to show what a horrible one I would be. It’s a pretty traumatizing thought.

I don’t know what to make of my Pediatrics exam. My “nazar”, should I pass Pediatrics, is to turn vegetarian for a month. I love meat so this will be difficult. G*ddd I really do hope I pass Pediatrics.

And guess what’s my next department? Killer of killers: Internal Medicine. Crappers.

Friday, March 09, 2007

shiatsu, should u?

You cannot believe what I scored for only approximately RM150: a Bathing Ape baby Milo jumper!! It’s super-cute with printed stars and silver eyes on the hood. ME LIKES!!

Going home the day after tomorrow lu.. so you know what this means: shopping, getting my week’s wardrobe ready, getting my pussy waxed, my eyebrows plucked and my legs shaved. I can’t wait to get my hair done in Malaysia: it’s usually the first thing on my schedule, apart from my braces being tightened.

I decided, at the spur of moment, to get a shiatsu massage. There is a beam that hangs on the ceiling of my waxing parlour which has always intrigued me. The last trip I was around, I finally got round to asking what on earth was it for. The lady explained it was to help their shiatsu masseuse keep their balance. I’ve heard of shiatsu, Japanese form of massage… mainly ‘cos Brenda (6 Feet Under) does that for a living and there was this scene when she was putting pressure on this spot near the core that made Lisa cry. Supposedly that place is where one stores the pain and misery and she was helping to release it. I really didn’t know what to expect. Shiatsu is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It’s umm berat-lah. I’m such a seasoned massage person yet this, to me, was pretty odd. There is the stepping of the body parts which definitely caught me by surprise. I could hear bones go a-cracking!! And when they knead, they dig their fingers in DEEP… I yelped silently. Then there’s the stretching of limbs and folding of extremities. Hard. The twisting-pulling of joints is the scariest part of them all. You can really hear crunches out loud. The zenith moment is when she lifted me up into the air with her legs. I felt like a Chinese spinning bowl. There were other moves but she felt I wasn’t prepared. I bet.

Results: I really did feel better… all loosen up and perhaps the whole pain-for-pain concept did somehow work.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

books over birthdays

Everyone wants me to go visit them. I’m SO NOT complaining but it gets hard when I get invited and, despite my absolute desire to hop onto the plane and go check out their new kitchenette at the other side of the globe, I cannot go. ‘Cos of work. It’s not even that valid an excuse! It’s getting trickier everytime I have to invent some new defence as to why I cannot leave what I’m doing and just do things for me. Sometimes I get so angry because my life is just so f*cking transitional. Nothing is for sure.. nothing is certain.. everything is so unpredictable. *sigh* I’ve come too far into my medical studies schedule to just halt in steps and try to smell the povidone iodine. Meaning I do everything for the betterment of my career(??) nowadays. I contemplate every step I take and every move I make… every single day everytime I pray I watch myself. I never do anything that could in any manner jeopardize my spot in medical school. This means staying home A LOT, tearing out party invitations if they’re within a fortnight of my examinations, spending time with myself, choosing books over birthdays, refraining from dyeing my hair or wearing a cute shift dress that lightly rides just above the upper half of my knee, drinking into my wits probably only 4 times a year (‘cos I only get 4 REAL weekends off in a year), giving up pilates / gym / yoga so that I don’t get too tired to work on my paperwork, giving up French just because.., duck when a consultant or a resident enters the same cafeteria I go, opening… *sigh*

I did not intend for this entry to be so b*atchy. I’m not even in such a b*atchy mood. I mean Dddy just rang me and we were going over deciding between a VW Beetle and an A-Class which left me in shock.. chirpy shock really. So there is no reason to be so b*atchy and I hate it that I came off that way too. It was supposed to be an entry to analyze how umm… intermediary my life has been and how I truly hope that things work out for this August so I can use the 3 months to make up for some ME time. I can finally learn swimming!!

Anyways I’ve got an exam to do so… *shrugs*

Monday, March 05, 2007

spring is here

Afew days ago I was sulking ‘cos Tomodachi boutique had ran out of a T-shirt I was totally saving up for. Instead Miss KosKos scored herself a cute Jil Sanders top and left me without a freakin’ purchase. I hate it when I don’t buy anything. So I’m a pathological shopper, so?? There was this other cute top but it was totally overpriced. It didn’t help that the place only carried up to US size 4s. OMG. I think I can barely squeeze into a US size 8 so heaven only knows how I would be able to force myself into any of the outfits there. Maybe this is a blaring radar for me to really LOSE INCHES ‘cos there are just so many stuff I want to buy but hardly anything I can fit into. This is the part where it sucks to be FAT. I cannot believe this place only carries up to US size 4. Girls must be practically skeletons here. They are actually.

Anyway I’m happy today ‘cos I dropped by Zonzo and found a navy blue See by Chloe satin smock for only approx RM300!! What a bloody bargain!! I know Mmmy hates it when I wear those 60s inspired Georgette dresses ‘cos it makes me look pregnant or, horrors, worse: FAT-TER!! :D But I love them all the same… I love what people wore back in the days when Pucci prints were the rave and paisley was motif of the year!! Actually it’s my face really. If it wasn’t so big and round I wouldn’t look so much FAT-ter than I really am. You may call this being in denial or going on defence mode but I’ve seen FAT people with slim oval faces and they do not look as FAT as they seem. Funny how the pretty thin face could offer absolute illusion as to how large the body can be where as FAT people with FAT round faces suffers from weight value times 3. Anyway I was really happy with the Chloe dress. It’s tres chic. There was another psychedelic child-like peasant top by Tsumori Chisato which was SUPER fabulosity!! But the top itself cost about RM250… not worth-lah, especially since I couldn’t button myself up all the way: too FAT!!

The exam will be up soon and I’m worried that I might f*ck it up. I hope not. I’ll try not too. But you’ll never really know when it comes to me and exams. I absolutely suck at them.

I’m going home soon YEAYYY..!! I really wanna get that chunky new Gucci triple buckle snakeskin belt and perhaps a Chanel ‘Charms’ wallet too if they are available in the line. I’m also looking forward to viewing Vuitton’s new Spring / Summer ’07 line (featuring Scarlett Johannsen) especially the embellished canvas tote and the mink porter’s bag. Don’t think Dddy would be too pleased to learn about my mission.

I see so many cool sh*t in Spring magazines like:
- the Gucci snakeskin belt
- the Fendi spacey Crossword Grande (+ clutches + belts)- Giles for Mulberry spike ball-n-chain charm
- Dolce & Gabbana kick-ass transparent heels + wedges + silver corset dress + Animalier leopard-print minis!!
- Tod flats
- Luella geek charms
- Etro paisley chiffon tops
- Louis Vuitton floral corsets + headbands
- Tatty Devine acrylic “kiss” brooch
- the Marc Jacobs gold python
- Chloe multi-buckle Mary-Janes + embellished cardigans
- Badgley Mischka Platinum Sportwear line
- Chanel capsule collection (of course!!)- Alexander McQueen tulle heels
- Blumarine floral peasant tops
- Thakoon Panichgul rose ruffles
- Marni leather clutches
- Marchesa babydolls
- Bottega Venetta print dresses
- Alessandro Dell’Acqua sequinned jackets
- the Ferragamo crotchet leather trim bag

Oh how I welcome the Spring :)
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