Sunday, February 04, 2007

a trip to land of pirate riches

Early morning agenda: a visit to alley of pirated bounties. Mannn, ALOT of new serial seasons are out and the ultimate Creme De LaMer of all serials this time around: Heroes. OMG I'm superhero in LURRRVE with Heroes.

Miss LotteLotte all culture-shocked with our DVD ya-ya-land.

After that we went to Pasar Baru to do some cloth-shopping. Well Miss RenjitRenjit that is. I didn't have the moolah. Damn I MISS CLOTH-SHOPPING. It used to be an old past-time of mine. Can't wait 'till the parentals get down so I can get metres of that Japanese satin I've been eyeing a million years.

Then there's the Seven Seas of batik of course. I HEART batik!!


Double oooohs...

After we helped Miss RenjitRenjit pick out this lovely embroidered number for her to wear to her brother's wedding reception in Leeds, Miss MasMas ajak us to beli duku. Wahh seriously good duku.

Miss RenjitRenjit blocked my face!!

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