Saturday, February 03, 2007

sheesh-a-w i miss you

First we had dinner in a Chinese resto: Rice Bowl. Cute name, non? I had duck soup of which I haven't had in awhile. For future reference, must not allot Miss IyanIyan who's pretty much a broomstick stand next to me who's pretty much a pau.

Since we totally didn't know what to do or what to show Miss LotteLotte post-shopping (I had a grand time picking out bargain Anna Sui, Evisu, True Religion, Rock&Republic, YSL and Sesame Street merchandise) so we decided to have a smoke of sheesha before retiring home. Maybe it's been ages since I had some, was wanggg in what felt like 10 minutes into the puffing.

I cannot believe Miss LotteLotte only had sheesha once. How can?? She comes from land of ganja what..

Definitely wanggg liao.

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