Wednesday, February 14, 2007

i thought having a boyfriend was enough

I thought having a boyfriend was enough.

Since I am Gossip Headquarters, everyone tends to report the latest, most juiciest garbage to me for no apparent reason. They just lurrve to tell me sh*t and I cannot deny, I just lurrve hearing them. If you could track back to the day we all had sheesha at Dago Plaza, I remember a conversation we had regarding this urology resident: the fact he was cheating on his wife with an intern who stays in our dorm. I know her (intern), she’s in my group. She has a boyfriend who currently resides in Jakarta and they’re so tight that she was gonna marry him the moment we’re done with med school. Previously Miss LotteLotte had previously denied the fact that the resident was married because he told her he was SO single worr. Aiya like that people also can lie right? She knew he was jalan-ing with that chick in our dorm but we knew he had a wife in the Medical Records department. The wife’s supposedly chun too. Hmm chun wife also can cheat on her with my group-mate. OK fine then he’s a man, I see… as for the intern, I thought she has like this great relationship. So why jalan with the resident? I don’t understand. I thought having a boyfriend was enough?

Then there’s this other chick. She’s totally, like, tergedik-gedik with all the boys she can lay her hands on. She was previously giving out free f*cks and being, like, the boys’ maid and stuff. I figured she was like that ‘cos she totally needed male attention and really needed a boyfriend pronto. However when she scored herself a balak, she still remained ‘open’ like a Kota Bharu taxi. But why? I thought all she wanted was a boyfriend and now that she has one why still behave so? I thought having a boyfriend was enough?

I’m so perplexed. I mean here I am, I’m so single and I really think that if I had a nice boyfriend I like very much… it really would be enough. There will be no need for unnecessary flirting or
sexual innuendoes with other people anymore. Or maybe I really should membuka my wawasan and accept the rituals of dating in the millennium? Everyone’s cheating on everybody (in the hospital) nowadays. How odd. And it’s such a norm for them that they don’t even feel embarassed when I bring this issue up. They just casually defend themselves and give me this “you’ll understand in time” look. Oh OK then *shrug* I can’t believe I’m so frigid into thinking that the sanctity of a relationship should have more worth than this. I suppose in this time of day I ought to be more open to ideas. It’s not my mother’s era anymore. Maybe dating / having a relationship / marriage in the year 2000 means being alright with promiscuity…

Pink Valentine’s!!

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