Sunday, February 25, 2007


It’s over a week into the Chinese “oink!” New Year already lu.

This is the 9th Chinese New Year that I’m away. Yes it sucks big time. It sucks because I can’t do things people do, like…
- fuss over how much this auntie on my mother’s side packed into the angpows this year in comparison to the other auntie on whoever’s side
- show off my cutting-edge KL clothes to kampung kids in Bachok, Kelantan
- compare whose house has the good pineapple tarts this season and proceed to b*tch about their pineapple tarts if they’re atrocious
- help Grand-aunt fold paper ingots to be burned as offerings to our ancestors
- pray… something I only do properly probably once a year with incense sticks and the lot
- witness people slap their money down onto the mahjong table
- watch children play around the same tempayan I used to hop over when I was their age when great-grandfather was alive
- take afternoon naps to rustling palm leaves in Kemudi ‘cos it’s freakin’ boredom (no cable tv, no wifi, the works) there
- help collect eggs from the chicken hut, galah ciku / mangoes / jambu from respective trees, dig out ubi kayu (super the kampung life siut!!)
- learn about the latest family gossip of who’s not talking to who ‘cos of what who did to who
- eat Kelantanese food (nasi dagang, nasi lauk, nasi kerabu etc), it’s not very CNY to you but it IS to me
- decide between using which highway (it’s always Gua Musang anyways *hurl*) so we can get back home to civilisation PRONTO!!

I don’t think I can take another holiday away from home. I’m just tired of being away all the time. Especially during times that matter like Christmas, my birthday, other people’s birthdays, New Year and great Monday public holidays brought over from Sunday.

So freaking busy and knackered.

The parentals came over while I was sick as a dog (wonder why people say ‘sick as a dog’). I was
already hovering about with a sore throat, feverish temperature and a cough so virulent I’d equate it to Satan’s breath. I don’t usually get sick. Seriously. I have no idea how I could just suddenly fall ill ‘cos I’m generally as strong as an ox. But then again things have been tipping over the strenuous scale lately so that could be a major contributing factor. That and the whole ‘wash-hands’ stint with the pediatrics resident plus having to cover double-shifts of jaga so that I could spend time with the parental units. I guess now when you look at it, it’s of no wonder how I could be this sick then. Things definitely started to look up the moment they arrived. Weird. I must have gotten a great big rush of euphoria which then proceeded to elevate my endorphins count thus boosting my immune system ‘cos I was pretty OK by the time they left but I figured I’d give myself a sick leave to fully recuperate from all the stress. I suppose I’m pretty homesick too ‘cos the moment they went, I felt a wave of emptiness rushing through my circulatory system. That and I cried. It feels lonely now that they’re not around. Dddy’s T-shirt tidur still hangs at the back of my door. I don’t think I’ll be washing it ‘till I go home in March ‘cos his smell feels like home. I sniff on it once in awhile when I feel upset. It helps.

Didn’t take pictures when they were around ‘cos my idiot group-mate borrowed my memory-stick the entire time they were here. Shame.

First day:
- lunch at Tante’s. I think it would take them quite awhile before they’d be able to acquire a penchant for Indon food
- brought them factory outlet shopping (Bandung has the finest factory outlets in the whole WIDE world) though there weren’t much good sh*t ‘cos all the Jakarta-ians probably bought all the goodies in the spirit of GXFC. Crappers
- let them have cake in Tomodachi and took them to the neighbouring designer boutique (housing alot of Chloe, Betsey Johnson, Laundry, Ghost, Diane Von Furstenberg, Seven, R&R, etc) where Dddy fell absolutely in love with a pair of True Religion jeans but was not prepared to fork out 1.1 juta rp (equiv RM500) for a pair of denims. He was horrified they were so expensive: cult jeans-lah of course-lah expensive *shrug*
- Dinner at Sapu Lidi.. Dddy seemed so eager for more shopping so I brought him to do more shopping-loh

CNY Eve:
- Lunch at Seruni (hospital cafeteria). Dddy very likes gado-gado kekeke
- Had to bring Mmmy to Carla Gallery: my favourite PM (pasar malam) / China mari / Korea mari threads haunt. They totally know my name there and gave us super service
- Parentals are totally loving glazed JCo donuts. They had like half-a-dozen!!
- Kenko Reflexology. They were hesitant at first but absolutely loved it in the end. I think Kenko Reflexology is even cheaper than the ones you get in China ‘cos they do your entire body and even your scalp which is very very YUM…
- Dddy wanted to get his hair dyed so Mmmy and I got our nails done
- Dinner at Shin Men Japanese noodle restaurant. They’re not authentic Jap cuisine… fused with Indon flavour liao. I know Dddy was worried I brought him to go makan super Jap food but of course not. Why should I? I totally know Mmmy cannot take bizarre grub
- Went home and yakked ourselves to sleep

- Morning is the best time to go cloth-shopping!! Took an angkot to Pasar Baru… Dddy was, like, “So longgg yah the journey”. Abaden?? We arrived at the mosque which we then detoured to hail a trishaw. I couldn’t get us 2 trishaws so Mmmy had to sit on Dddy’s lap which was SUPER HILARIOUS. She was horrified to see that we were riding against traffic. I told her to close her eyes
- I bought all the cloth I wanted (but had no money to buy before): The Japanese satin with printed orchids or cannas (can’t quite tell for sure), Jap cheongsam-type cloth with dragonfly motifs (SUPER-O NICE) and batik (me batik-whore!!) with phoenix prints. Nice-leh. Dddy likes this activity the most
- After Mmmy bought some Royal Doulton (Sogo got sale), we had CNY dinner at Red Bean in Paris Van Java. Dddy cannot understand why fishes in Bandung are so damn kecil and totally skinny. We wanted to go watch Ghost Rider but Mmmy was adamant we go home. We relented…
- They packed up and left the next morning. Woe is me..

So that raps up the entry for CNY-lah. According to “oink” year, in terms of me: metal rooster of the water dog day, is…
- a feel-good year loaded with excitement
- a time of daring accomplishments and serious calamities
- a time to celebrate accomplishments by partying and self-pamper
- to focus on relationships by heating them up
- to make money
- to initiate action and not just working on the sidelines, working vigorously attacking existing projects and completing them
- not to start new projects
- enjoy life’s pleasures

Sounds “oink”-ing Shelbulous to me :)

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