Monday, February 26, 2007

miss lottelotte's sort-of "surprise" goodbye party

Since it was Miss LotteLotte's last day with us, we decided to throw her a goodbye party packed with our tired selves and Starbucks!! Man I've put on so much weight... all gara-gara Miss LotteLotte and her weak angmoh stomach thus we've been eating calorie-ridden take-outs for weeks!!

Miss MasMas just got home from 'jaga' and Miss IyanIyan's buried in work. You can spell the lethargy from the wrinkles on their skin. Viva botox!!

Glazed doughnuts and lipolicious Starbucks. In diabetic-heaven :)

L-R: Miss LotteLotte, moi, Miss MasMas, Miss IyanIyan

I cannot help but stare at my what-looks-like-a-triple-chin!!

Miss LotteLotte gets excited with her last Starbucks drink of the century. Amsterdam ain't got none. AHAHAHA hilarious!!

Miss LotteLotte just got back from Bali and was tanned to the bones. She wins the tanning competition-lah.

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