Saturday, January 27, 2007

wedding expo (disastrous)

OK-lah. So today I went to a wedding exhibition in Hotel Horison. I'm in one of them moods. I suppose it would have been easier to just buy a wedding magazine as I always do but hey nothing better than to check out the goodies for real.

Adoi nothing much-lah. Nothing Vera Wang or Elie Saab. Just cliche meringue organza dresses...

And cliche marzipan cakes...

And cliche cardboard invitations...

And cliche wedding photo takes...

And cliche flower arrangements. Seriously?? Seriously?? How come this wedding exhibition is so deranged is beyond me. Where's the Shelbulosity or the Sheltasticity?!! How to get married like this-leh?? Waste my time and money lagi. Total disappointment. My heart goes out to all Bandung brides-to-be.

To offer my poor soul some solace. I had lunch in Le Petit Paris, Ciwalk with Miss LotteLotte. She wore her Havaianas too so I decided to take a *bisou* picture of 'em both. She got hers in Surinam (where's that-ah?? Beats me... some old Dutch colony in Latin America that side). Cute story: we were watching a movie 2 weeks ago and I pulled my legs up to duduk bersila in the comfy enveloping 21 couch:


Miss LotteLotte: *exclaims!!* Are those Havaianas??

moi: Yup. Got them in Malaysia. I love them.

Miss LotteLotte: I love them too. *gestures to her cherry ones*

moi: *looks over at her feet* *exclaims!!* OMG I LOVE YOURS!!

Miss LotteLotte: I love yours better!!

moi: OMG I thought nobody knew about Havaianas.

Miss LotteLotte: They're really expensive in Holland but dirt cheap in Surinam.

moi: They're expensive in KL too. I need to go to Surinam.

Miss LotteLotte: *chuckles*

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