Monday, January 01, 2007

two thousand seven

I’m waiting for Mmmy to be done with the vacume cleaner so I can use the internet. Yalor, home liao. This year kitorang playing things a little low-key. OK-lah understatement… VERY VERY low-key actually. Dddy couldn’t get outta the housing area ‘cos Mutiara Damansara was snowed in with illegally parked cars so he headed back home and we had roti telur together as we watched The Curve put on their fireworks display for all to see. I like The Curve’s New Year’s fireworks display. I like it that I didn’t do the whole 3,2,1 blablabla horn blowing crap this year. Didn’t even get drunk. Just put on the new pyjamas Sophiekins got me from Spain (which I terribly love, they’re Oysho, a Spanish loungewear label)and chitchat with parental units as we sipped on our teh-o-ais-es. Everyone’s got their own thing going. Miss ChewChew’s with Ah Zai in Melaka doing a bbq thing. Miss ChongChong’s with Ah Clar + Kiddy J. Ah Choy’s in Kuantan to see his chick. Miss TanTan’s with salsa mates in Port Dickson. Not sure what the rest of them are doing but I bet it’s one of the above. What else can you do on New Year’s anyway?

Lazy to make a big fuss of 2007. I seriously thought I was gonna end up feeling down in the dumps having to countdown on my own with absolutely noone to meet up with, no plans to follow, nowhere to head to and absolutely nothing to do but funny enough: no. I feel *shrug* fine… biasa... Could it be that I don’t really care anymore?? *hyukhyuk* Dunno-lah. It could also be I’m desensitized liao having been alone all my life…?? :D Whatever-lah it doesn’t matter anymore. Just want 2007 to finish quick (ahahaha and you thought “we’ve only just begun… to live”) so I can finish med school and really get on with life!! So many things await me next year: a job (finally I’ll know how it’s like to have a paycheque), a life (socially inept no more), perhaps my own bachelorette pad (I haven’t told the parentals but man… I don’t know how to live with them anymore. I don’t know how I’m gonna have to break it to them either but it’s been 8 years since I lived at home. I don’t know if this can work. What if I wanna cook?? What if I wanna have boys over?? *kuakuakua*) and maybe even a love life. I really believe 2008 will bring me my Mr Right. It can’t go wrong. 2008 is IT. 2007 is just a passing phase that I can’t wait to get rid off.

Pink new year.

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