Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a tribute to the-bag-hag

Every bag has its story. I know Miss Makati would concur with me on this. Everytime someone picks a purse up, starts savouring the texture, admiring the vogue-ness, respecting its dignity… there will always be a story of why she/he chose THAT purse and not any other. My Dddy is big believer in the social status of a handbag. As how men judge the cars their peers / rivals drive we, ladies, judge the bags. I take pride in the bags I have. I don’t care if people think it superficial and juvenile… so be it. I think it’s magnificent something so insignificant and absolutely lifeless is potent enough to bring us such joy. I rejoice in purses. Sometimes when life takes a turn for the boo-hoo side, I just load my cute bag pictures on my wallpaper and things just feel better. Thank you Bag-Hag for taking the time to enlighten us on all things bags… I look forward to your entries every week I go online. Season's greetings y'all!!

Vuitton monogram vernis Papillon in tan:Purchase place: Louis Vuitton Singapore. My first designer bag ever. Enough said. Story here.

Topshop Elvis denim carry-all:
Purchase place: Topshop, Liverpool. This bag is huge. It can probably house a child or a midget or something. Elvis merchandise, then, was like the new Madonna T-shirt or something. Pokoknya everyone had to have something Presley. Everyone thought I bought it out of novelty or just plain hilarity but really, seriously, I loved IT. It was rather futile in a sense so I made it my I-LOVE-LAUNDRY-DAY bag just to give it a cause. No bag as cute as this should be left to collect dust in the corner.

Dior denim Saddle:
Purchase place: Dior Starhill, KL. Neigh-ver would I have imagined a bag the shape of a curry-puff would be hanging off every socialite’s twiggy shoulder. I jumped into the bandwagon a little too early. The denim proved to be a little too insipid for me in the end but I still really like the fact it’s a Saddle. Maybe I’ll add some Dior charms to make it a little more quirky and a little less bland. Thank goodness for the art of accessorizing.
Indon Hawaiian-print:
Purchase place: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport duty-free, Jakarta. Before AirAsia was consummated, I had to travel via Jakarta to get home to KL. Soekarno-Hatta International Airport houses a small but very exquisite bunch of duty-free shops with absolute treasures if you know where to look. I’m really proud of this number. Everyone wanted to know where I got it from. How Shelbulous is that??

Indon batik-print:
Purchase place: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport duty-free, Jakarta. People in general don’t really appreciate the authentic batik print but I really think batik has so much to offer. It’s like Pucci’s ancestor like that. Thus I decided to pay some homage to the great-great-great-grandmother of prints and disregard all false ‘batik-is-like-so-not-cool’ belief. Bought this with the previous bag in Jakarta. I intend to put batik ON THE MAP.

Vuitton monogram vernis Papillon (??) in maroon:
Purchase place: Louis Vuitton Champs Elysees, Paris. So playful siut. Unfortunately it only has a slit big enough to house my Platinum American Express and a small piece of tape/condom (for those *ahem* situations). This bag is a dream. Really-lah… it’s, like, the moment I sling it across my chest I feel as if I’m suddenly transformed into an heiress or a frolicky dutchess of some sort. I call it my Paris purse.
Petit Jour Le Petit Prince purse:
Purchase place: Louvre, Paris. This was a very rare find. The only one time I ever found The Little Prince merchandise was in this skanky street in Bangkok of which the shop-keeper sold quirky schoolbags for 4 times the probable original price. I didn’t really know what to buy myself as most of them things were baby products so I got myself a purse. It’s such a cutie, non?? "J'aurais dû ne pas l'écouter, me confia-t-il un jour, il ne faut jamais écouter les fleurs. Il faut les regarder et les respirer."

Matthew Williamson Butterfly tote in green:
Purchase place: Butterfly Debenhams, Manchester. At one point of my life I became absolutely obsessed with Matthew Williamson. I wanted to bask in his breath and moisten myself in his sweat. I would yank Sienna's locks off and weave them into mine if I had to. AHAHA OK-lah that was a little tad gross but I really really fancied the pants off the 2005 Spring Summer collection. Well just ‘cos I HEART the fashion doesn’t mean I can AFFORD IT. Designers at Debenhams was a brilliant consolation. I totally stocked up on my Matthew Williamson fix. One day… one day I’ll own a Matthew Williamson frock of my own.

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