Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a tribute to the-bag-hag, cont... (iii)

Marc Jacobs large Multi-pocket in pink:
Purchase place: Marc Jacobs KLCC, KL. When I saw this being handed out in Devil Wears Prada, I just smiled my secret smile.

Fendi B-Bis in gold:Purchase place: Fendi Ngee-Ann City, Singapore. I could not afford a B-Bag and the gold ones weren’t out then. I just had to have something of the B-Bag buckle. Had to. Anything!! Belt, wallet, shoes… whatever. The B-Bis was a good choice. It could hold quite a lot of sh*t too despite its small space. It added the patent depth to my collection. 80s gila suit.

Hello Kitty sequinned bow clutch in pink:
Purchase place: Takashimaya, Singapore. It was on sale. I’m a Hello Kitty fan. Things happen.
Missoni clutch in dark tan:

Chloe baby Paddington in mettalic blue:
Purchase place: Shuz KLCC, KL. Socialites of the world I, too, have arrived.

Hello Kitty watch-purse:
Dddy’s souvenir from China. No bag collection is complete without a Hello Kitty watch-purse. What?? You don’t have one?? You ought to be ashamed of yourself!! Go get one!! Pronto!!

P.S: I apologize I could not end with a BANG. The plan was to close with my yellow St Louis Jr with painted crown. ALAS my Goyard took longer than expected and they can only ship it to me perhaps in July (when Sophiekins’ back). Sorry folks!!

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