Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a tribute to the-bag-hag, cont... (ii)

Dior Baby Doll Reporter:Purchase place: Dior Selfridges, Manchester. I was looking for the perfect sling bag and Dior had just come out with a pink version (I told you I have too many pink bags. When it comes to pink I get spastic *shrugs*) of their DiorDiorDiorDiorDior sorta prints. The Baby Doll range was a rave and it was selling off the racks like steaming hot muffins. I was such a fan of the Swarovski crystals bit and ridiculous pearl-n-petals though the white leather does stain too easily. I use this bag A LOT as you can probably tell from the yellow tinge at the top and the fact it’s really rough round the edges. It’s a great size and now you can hitch the strap up to make the bag rest on the smalls of your back for a totally NOW look. Koreans started it supposedly but I believe they must have copied the angmohs-lah.
Jasper Conran 'J' hand carry in fuchsia:
Purchase place: Debenhams. Debenhams were having their sales and at the time I was gila-gila over Designers at Debenhams: culture shock-lah OK (what with Matthew Williamson, Gharani Strok, FrostFrench, Julian Macdonald being affordable?!!) so forgive me. Anyways I was browsing through the bag selection and stumbled upon a treasure!! A steal!! A whatever-you-may-call-it!! It was in heavenly mock croc in fuschia OK not particularly fuschia… just deep red which they labelled fuschia. And the size was PERFECT too for domestic travelling since Euro have their own terms when it comes to carry-ons. I bought it in a heartbeat. This buy has been my best investment yet. I cannot even recall how many times I get stopped in my tracks ‘cos some fashionista is just dying to know where I got my hand-carry. It’s very very pretty. For that little bit of money I paid extra in currency exchange it made up to me in compliments. Satisfied customer :)

Snitch plush tote:
Purchase place: Warner Brothers Crown, Melbourne. OK I have yet to use this in public. I haven’t yet. Will probably on the next Harry Potter premiere. I read HPotter books wayyy before the ruckus began. Ah Yung was kind enough to lure me into the land of cauldrons, Quidditch and such. I was hooked ever since. He was right: you just could not put the blimmin’ book down. The bag can’t really hold anything for nuts. Perhaps a teeny mobile phone and some coins but really it just looks roomy. Still bet it would cause a stir. Will let you know how things go.

Chanel Ligne Cambon bucket in black/white:
Purchase place: Chanel KLCC, KL. I crushed on this for awhile too. Story here.

Dior sumtin-sumtin:
Purchase place: Dior, Prague. Impulse buy. Oops.
MNG faux fur tote in dusky pink:
Purchase place: MNG 1Utama, PJaya. MNG makes really good bags. They, Oasis and Miss Selfridge. Sometimes Topshop gets things right. Am growing on Forever21 but we’ll monitor their progress closely aight? Pokoknya they TOTALLY scored spot-on with the bag of faux. What a beauty, non?? Tres chic!! Unfortunately the nickel handle is starting to decolourize… yeaaah well high-street merchandise: you cannot expect it to last forever21 (pun not intended).

Parcel Audio Couture purse in pink:
Purchase place: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles. People love this too. I cannot help that society is enamoured by the things I own. This didn’t cost much either. Which really goes to show it’s not how much it costs sometimes it’s how you BRING IT. I bring it good-lah must be ekekekeke (hell no I’m such a loser!!). I don’t use it too often… a little afraid I’d get it too mucked up. This is for the (wee bit) rocker in me.
Vuitton Ceries Pochette:
Purchase place: Louis Vuitton, Prague. Since I totally lost out on the Cherry Blossom line (and almost went mental because of that) you can imagine my ecstatic. I started jumping up and down and up and down and up and down in that Prague Vuitton outlet. They must have thought I was suffering from a myoclonic seizure. Not as cute as the sakura ones but a girl’s gotta make do with what a girl can make do with. I have never owned a Vuitton pochette so I was rather surprised when I found it could hardly house stuff. I carry a whole load of stuff. Still it’s a really posh-but-very-me carry. A boy once took a double-take at my bag (note not me but my bag) and asked, “Murakami?”

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