Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a tribute to the-bag-hag, cont... (i)

Vuitton perforated Pochette in fuschia:Purchase place: Louis Vuitton Starhill, KL. I bought it ‘cos it combined my favourite 2 elements in the style department… the Vuitton monogram and the colour fuschia :D Can’t help it that I’m such a sucker-lho. Besides it looked really, hmm… art nouveau?? OK perhaps not art nouveau but spacey?? AHAHA OK I have no words. It was such a weird look I can’t help but be mysteriously drawn towards it.

Vuitton denim Pleaty in blue:
Purchase place: Louis Vuitton Bond Street, London. Yearghhh love this love this love this. A little matured but kawaii nonetheless. They were absolutely snapped up all over Paris. Curse them Japanese Vuitton hoarders!! Don’t know why I even bothered queueing twice: Champs Elysees and Printemps only to find myself missing the unit by just the person before me. How can it even happen twice I have seriously no idea. There were still loads of them in the Bond Street outlet. I should have saved myself all the trouble.
Anya Hindmarch Weekend Be a Bag in red:
Purchase place: Anya Hindmarch. I’ve always wanted to Be a Bag. Ever since Miss Hindmarch hosted Be a Bag luncheons with them local celebrities, Mak Datins and tai-tais I’ve been silently craving one of my own. I didn’t see a need to carry a bag with some other moron’s face on it when I could easily have my own. It’s cheaper to get it off the internet and have it shipped to Sophiekins in Liverpool. She brought it home for me on one of her hols home. I love the end product. I am so glad I chose red as it complimented my images… just wished the size came in satin rather than canvas. When I carry it about people turn to check me out. They probably think I’m some kinda mini-nondescript-celebrity (of which I am of course *winkwink*) which totally pleases me since I’m such an attention-ho *giggles*

Marc Jacobs purse in mustard yellow:
Purchase place: Marc Jacobs KLCC, KL. That gold clasp is a real killer. And that silly yellow colour is so putrid that it’s fun. Besides it was on 30% discount so who’s to say no to MJ on sale-lho?!!
Vuitton monogram denim Speedy in pink:
Pink is the new black!! Denim is the new leather!!

Lulu Guinness lipstick clutch in pink:
Purchase place: Isetan KLCC, KL. Sophiekins pointed out the clutch out before. The suede is so yummy :) I had actually wanted the one in red but they only had the display unit available so I had to go for pink instead (I think I have too many pink bags-lah). The lipstick clasp is to-die-for. So kitschy-cutie!! Inside, embroidered on the apex of the bag: “Don’t forget to put on your lipstick”
Vuitton Cabas in khaki/yellow:
Purchase place: Louis Vuitton Starhill, KL. I was never much of a fan of the Cruise line but when Vuitton came out with Cabas I was literally blown away!! It was like a Champs Elysees road sign but better. And of course flaunting all them cities of the world really helped spice up the entire insignia. I was dreaming about it day and night. It was definitely lust. I was very fortunate Dddy was in the most amazing mood that day he got me my Cabas. He did not even hesitate to consider. Perhaps we were destined to be together. And yes, many have paid my dainty big bag compliments and you bet I bloody bathe in them with glee.
Le Sportsac Tokidoki Bella in rose:
Purchase place: Takashimaya, Singapore. I have more Tokidokis but I like this one the best ‘cos it’s pink. Yes-loh I’m a sucker for cute prints. I was highly surprised that the artist was matter-of-factly Italian and Tokidoki, despite its Harajuku-sounding name, is really Italian manga. AKAKAKA it’s probably like watching Doraemon in Danish language or ShinChan in Tamil. Anyway very very cute and now there is, like, an ocean of them. To think it used to be so elusive-leh. I HEART Tokidoki.

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