Wednesday, January 31, 2007

something catty this way comes

“I’m all in favour of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters.”
… Frank Lloyd Wright …

So today I had to choose between freedom of speech or friendship. An ant bite of what Jeff Ooi has to go through but nevertheless a bite is still a bite.

Oh cannot talk about government. After ISA come get me. Oh cannot talk about cultures / religion / race issues. After kena stamped intolerant. Oh cannot talk about what I think. After got some people tersinggung. I VERY VERY MALAS aka LAZY to have to deal with this sort of childish-ignorant-high-school-so-the-nothing-better-to-do cattiness. I do not have the time and most of all I don’t have the energy. I’m a medical intern. Those people who cause me such nuisance are probably NOT, (considering all those time they have in their hands to make mountains out of molehills). So like this means have to revert to those cliché people / party / purchase photograph blogs-lah issit?? Like what the whole world has to offer issit?? Safer mah. So people don’t easily tersinggung mah. So I don’t lose my friends mah. So they don’t lose their friends mah. So we all safe-loh.

Safe. Right.

Please deh.

I will not succumb to such censorship. WTF?!!

I really don’t understand-loh. Someone-someone rasa pedas ‘cos I passed some remarks regarding her bride ethics in some previous entry. I believe if that someone-someone is truly, madly, deeply concerned regarding the welfare of her bridesmaids then she should, thus, TACTFULLY ACT UPON the problem. NO. Instead she uses me (and my poor blog *kesian kesian*) as point of reference to what she should have already known and starts being all “You should have been more honest with me blablabla yakkety-yak” with the other chick.

Statement: Someone-someone was groaning about having to be active in someone-someone's wedding forum…

Eh she’s from Uranus issit?? People don’t tell white lies from where she’s from issit?? Friends, non friends or even GREAT BFFs TELL WHITE LIES. People LIE. We all know it. We all do it. WE ALL LIE. To protect each other. If that girl told the other girl a white lie ‘cos she just wants the other girl to have a nice wedding then GIVE HER A F*CKING BREAK. If that girl feels unhappy that the other girl is going through too much of an ordeal well then relieve her off her job-lah.

The other girl also. Come and bising-bising with me. Like WTF MAN?!! Call me during office hours to discuss this supposedly SERIOUS issue. Yes-lah. Very serious-lah. This morning got 11-year-old die ‘cos sudden respiratory distress and I have to hold the mother as she wailed her heart out. All this yabbering bout the forum whatnot, really, to me, is not exactly what I would categorize as life-threatening. In fact, this is so high school drama. Why haven’t we grown up? Aren’t we a little too OLD to be petty regarding issues like this? I know I am. I know that if a friendship is really a friendship this sort of thing is just a thing-lah. What’s with all these matters of insignificance??

I don’t know what the fuss is about now that I have reread my entry. There is no fuss. It’s just me giving MY OWN OPINIONS about a situation. MY OPINIONS. Read properly before jumping to conclusions. If don’t like my opinion then don't read my entries. Save me from unnecessary homework.

Suggestion of the year: If got nothing better to do, refrain from bothering people. Instead GET A JOB. OR HECK GET MORE JOBS.

P.P.S: Why is this an issue at all? 'Cos that someone-someone is a dear friend of mine mah. Have to do some fact-check. Oh well, it has definitely come to this. That and "You cannot put this on your blog OK" conversation footnotes. Seriously, whatever-lah. If people don't want to talk to me then mah don't talk-loh, I'm OK one. On the other hand, can't believe my blog has such an impact on people. Not bad. Quite power siut.

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