Saturday, January 06, 2007

sneak-peek into miss chewchew's room

Yalor I very keh-poh-chii one. Anyways Miss ChewChew and I hung out last night and gabbed our jaws away. Yabbered about people we know (gossip), work (moan) and boys (lament). Whilst waiting for her to be done with showering I decided to point out things I find absolutely cutesy in her room. Starting with ME since I'm in her room. KEKEKE that was meant to be funny-lah.

I really think using a sushi-rolling mat is an absolutely ingenious way to show off cutesy earrings. So bohemian-lah this idea... ME LIKES!! So cheap and so good kan?

This couch so cute yah? I get a little afraid of getting too comfortable in it in case I ter-stained it with my period. It just bring a nice Laura Ashley feel to the room of which I'm sure she was trying to achieve. All it needs is afew crochet pillows and a patchwork quilt... voila: Dutchess of Brighton's punya tea-room!!

Apart from that Bridget Jones' Diary, Miss ChewChew really does read quality books. Look at her rack-lah... so impressive right? She tries to get me to read stuff she's finished but seriously I cannot be bothered-lah. I'd rather watch MTV.

So lovely right her comforter? She got in from The States. Aisay good things all come from The States.

I found this hidden at the back of her wardrobe door. She's taken down all her rock posters-lho. Miss ChewChew used to be a Green Day freak once upon a time ago. Funny 'cos today she was telling me over dinner how she's totally into Fergie's Fergilicious. AKAKAKA. How times have evolved, non?

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