Wednesday, January 10, 2007


10 days into the new year and I've just realized I hadn’t made A SINGLE New Year’s resolution. This is very abnormal. I never NOT make New Year’s resolutions. I suppose it’s ‘cos I really really want 2007 to come to an end … quickly. Somehow I truly believe my life begins in 2008. Currently I’m stuck in mud of a rut but it’s OK. The nightmare will all be over soon. Hehe I know-lah I keep ranting on and on regarding this. I can’t help it, I just need to graduate from this phase in life.

Ah Choy’s gonna go away. In March. To Maldives. For 7 months. To work. It’s OK-lah since I’m not gonna be around anyway *shrugs* Just that perhaps a little poignant over the fact that he won’t be around when I do come home on holidays. At the risk of sounding clingy: Who’s gonna teman me on my pre-Indon blues night? Who’s gonna take me out for my last mamak of the season and drown me in teh-o-ais ‘till my bladder surrenders? Who’s gonna play Bubbles on my Dopod as I prance around with my last-minute packing? Who’s gonna get me all distracted that I don’t even begin to think of bad things but just focus on figuring out what it is that’s missing from my luggage? Might not see him for an entire year. Hmm kinda long yah? I suppose it's one of those things in life-loh.

"'Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright..."
... James Morrison, You Give Me Something ...

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