Saturday, January 27, 2007

reading out

We decided to try out Newspaper in Paris Van Java 'cos Miss LotteLotte wanted something different than Gelato Bar (which we frequent almost too often). The place OK-lah. Food also OK only.

Their menu is a sheet of printed newspaper. Kind of flimsy though. And don't think it can last long. Was tempted to put in my bag to clean Thalamus' poo.

Don't know what to eat-lah sometimes. Same ole same ole.

Giant newspaper cloths riding above our heads.

Miss LotteLotte was absolutely fascinated by Indon congratulatory wreaths. I can't say I'm surprised...

I once was too :D

We dropped by Carrefour before heading home. Miss LotteLotte wanted to try the durian out since she never mustered enough courage to ever take her first bite. Seeing as she's so keh-lian never had the king of fruits before, I mah belanja her-loh.

Have a video take on this but I'm still trying to figure out this YouTube thing. Will try loading it 'cos the whole process was highly hilarious!! Miss MasMas and I almost died of laughter.

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