Saturday, January 20, 2007

previous s'pore trip images

Remember my Singapore Mak Datin daystripper back in November last year?
Shut it with my face already. Tell me something new. Like what they did with their Visitors Centre though. Funny how they have Bahasa Melayu signs all over town these days when Singaporeans don't speak a word of it *raises eyebrows in question*

My face looks like a giant siumai. WTF?? Must GO THIN!!

Princess meets princess.

Sok imut.
Again with the sok imut.
Miss KosKos is terrible at taking pictures. I love DKNY's (?? ) window display. So HOT :)

Did this to amuse ourselves (while nongkronging in some food court). We basically had 3 hours to kill with no more money to spend and murderous feet as company.

Miss KosKos puasa while I stuff my face. It's OK-lah, tomorrow she Raya already!

Ended the day filling out tax-rebate forms. Man I hate all these counting. So sien.

P.S: more to come, Miss KosKos left the other memory card back in M'sia :P


muriel said...

hey! ur blog is pretty interesting too. i like ppl that put up a lot of pictures. although i dont really have the time to do all that..

anyway, seeing that food that u're eating in your profile pic makes me miss indon food sooooo much!!!

i miss the gado-gado in taman anggrek!! and soto ambengan.. OMG!!

shelbybaby said...

muriel: hey there.. yes it's hard to make time for photo uploads. i can really agree with that. ahaha you should try to make your own gado-gado, all it takes is veg, rice and nuts! :)

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