Saturday, January 13, 2007

post-jaga binge

A new sushi bar: Sushi Groove opened in Paris Van Java so we decided to bring Miss LotteLotte there to go have a try since she pretty likes sushi. There was already a crowd forming at the entrance queue and I thought we were gonna have to wait a millenium. When I went to get a number, the waiters were so, the, like tidak-apa attitude which absolutely enraged me!! But the moment they saw Miss LotteLotte, they were, like, "HI GOOD EVENING, HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY? DO YOU NEED A TABLE.. blabla" All of us looked at each other in absolute bewilderment. It's only when I pointed out to them that she was with us that they hurriedly went to find us a place. Double-standard treatment staring at us right there in the face. Such f*ckers. Sometimes Third-World morons really don't know how to think.

The place was pretty groovy (ahHAHAHA can't be bothered to find a better adjective) but they should have been a little smarter and built an upper floor 'cos not enough place for customers-lah. All them ceiling space for nothing.

The brick-like lighting is mind-blowing. Indon interior people are actually pretty talented.

New-age paper lantern.
Good example of space-illusion.

Portion, though, I have to complain: as tiny as rat's poo. And their wasabi is TOTAL crap. No oomph and gave me a stomach ache.

Miss KosKos calls this her faeces sushi (Rock-n-Roll). She says they're yum despite turd-like appearance.

I'm tired-lah OK: I jaga-ed last night and prior to that I went clubbing. Cannot already... people old liao, don't have the stamina to go clubbing the night beforeand then jaga the next day.
P.S: I really thin the wasabi is garbage (probably expired or something) 'cos Miss IyanIyan, Miss MasMas and I had horrendous food-poisoning the week after.

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