Saturday, January 13, 2007

post-jaga binge (cont)

There is a lil' boutique is called Page One which I find absolutely cutey-quirky. There are super Chinese and Korean goodies that I don't buy 'cos I bet they cost, like, next to nothing in their motherland. Still, they cute non? Especially if you put them up like that. I really need to go to China-lah.

Their chandelier is brilliant!

ME SO LIKES this trucker cap. It has furry flaps and is so the white trash!! Perfect :)

Later we had gelato. Well at least I did. The rest just watched me eat. Now remind me again why I'm FAT?

Not so good lighting-lah. L-R: Miss IyanIyan, Shelbybaby, Miss LotteLotte, Miss MasMas

L-R: Miss IyanIyan, Miss LotteLotte, Miss MasMas, Miss KosKos. There's no 5-of-us picture 'cos the waiter there was too 'sok busy!!' to help us take one. Muthaf*cks, gonna write them a letter OK. Masa gak ada waktu to take a bloody photograph?!

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