Friday, January 12, 2007

out on a school nite

It's been centuries since I partied on a school nite.

Miss MasMas had promised Miss LotteLotte a clubbing night out and requested us to tag along. As you know-lah I'm not one for going-out-on-a-school-nite but perhaps it's the santai Dutch air that Miss LotteLotte brings to the environment or it could be that it's not as hectic in Pediatrics as I thought it would be or even the fact I seriously care for consequences no more-lah that I hecked the world and went anyways. We thought it was R&B/Hip-hop but it was Trance (yuck!!) night. Must remember not to come to Embassy on Thursday.

They have wired doilies hanging from the ceiling which I thought were rather exquisite.

L-R: Miss MasMas, Miss LotteLotte

L-R: moi, Miss LotteLotte

L-R: Miss MasMas, Miss IyanIyan, Miss AnsriAnsri

I like what I wore. It's so 60's!! So flowers-in-my-hair, speed-shooting, random protesting whachamachalit like. The 2 pockets bit is oh-so-Shelbulous!! Got it from Miss Selfridge, cantik right?? Miss Selfridge has good sh*t this season... go check go check but don't buy everything-lah. Leave some size 10s for me :)

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