Tuesday, January 23, 2007

my *bisou* favourite things

"When the dogs bark
When the bees sting
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don't feel so... bad"

I found these nautical brooches from Bunga (*bisou* worthy accessories store) and snapped them up immediately before you could say "drunken sailor". They're so so cute and only 20,000rp each. Got them in white and red.

I really need to talk about my My Flat In London tote which I got in Takashimaya Singapore last year. I just think this is bag that calls for much attention. Absolutely chic with just the right amount of girly novelty. As it dangles on the crack of my elbow during Sunday brunches, I can't help but feel like a mini-countess or a juniour modern-day courtesan.

I chose the bee motif over the Scottie dog 'cos canine is totally not me. Besides the bee has whip-ass blingbling crown. It's, like, I'm silently screaming: Look at me THE QUEEN BEE. Hail me or wither in my presence :)

Even the stuffing is lovely.

Nothing can look more imperial than an interior like this.


Last look at the satin dustbag.
My Flat In London is SO *bisou* worthy!!

I was doing my usual mooching around Isetan, KLCC the last time I was back and came across this label: gin & Jacqie with the most exquisite bags. I flipped to the price tag and was blown AWAY (means damn kau affordable-lah!!). Look at the croc-print exterior on what feels like suede material. Maybe it's mock suede?? It's of a brilliant size where you can chuck everything in and still have space for more. The scarf is my own but you can accessorize it with anything and everything!! It's darn strong too so you don't have to worry about it breaking down on you or anything.

The interior pula is khaki cotton with a small compartment to store your handphone (I put my mini iPod there and fits just snugly) and another bigger pocket where I stuff my lipgloss and mints and credit card receipts. And their other bags are so bleamin' Shelbulous too!!
gin & Jacqie is SO *bisou* worthy!!

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