Wednesday, January 17, 2007

james dean and the babies

Ah Nggie:
moi: What?
Ah Nggie: You know… now that we’re in the same group…
moi: Uh huh.
Ah Nggie: We’re gonna be spending a whole lot of time together.
moi: Yah, so?
Ah Nggie: You do know this means there’s going to be A LOT of flirting with each other.
moi: That I knew already *wink*

Ah Nggie’s my kindred spirit. OK I’ve said that before. We were never in the same group ‘till now and it’s been pretty fun so far. Between juggling work, jaga (night-duty), rekindling friendships, showing Miss LotteLotte around and clearing my room I’m spending a wee bit time with Ah Nggie. We’re each other’s Master Yoda. I go to him with Mr Orange dilemmas and he comes to me with his chick-of-the-season blues. I’m surprised at the way we maturely handle each other’s relationship predicaments yet can be such morons with our very own crisis. And we act exactly the way we tell each other NOT TO. It’s hilarious really. We’re both as weak AND as idiotic. It could be the unfortunate case of blind-leading-the-blind here. There are times when he can get pretty impulsive and absolutely impossible. I told him he’s a rebel without a cause. He actually thinks it’s a form of flattery. HAHAHA, told you he was hilarious.

Today was pretty OK work wise. I devised a new presentation approach in efforts of trying to abide by Dr Noster’s style of thinking which Miss VakiVaki and Miss Twin-Ziah helped perfect… resulting in a semi-good piece of work. I knew in my heart we did a good job ‘cos Dr Noster bought us all a drink. When he buys the group a round of tea, this means he’s pleased with our work of which he should be this time around ‘cos we’re, like, the first group to ever attempt presentation the way just the way he likes it. In addition, he got us all a piece of kuih each which, to my opinion, really reflects how delighted he was today. I’m happy he’s happy. I woke up at 3am this morning to read up on Typhoid so it’s all been worth it.

Also I managed to get someone to exchange night duties with me on (Chinese) New Year’s Eve so I get to spend extra time with the parentals. Yaloh, they’re coming down… which is pretty exciting considering the fact they hardly come over: the only time they did was during my graduation and that doesn’t really count. Thank you Miss VakiVaki.

It’s crapping 2.30am right now and I just woke up from great sleep ‘cos I have 7 mosquito bites and they itch like cuh-razy!! I bloody should have given the room a quick spray before turning the lights out. Now I’m totally wasting what could be essential good sleep time considering tomorrow I’m gonna have to jaga. Aargh!! This is insane!! I need to conserve energy ‘cos I’m gonna be in the Pediatric wards and I heard you don’t even get a chance to have a shut eye. Heck you don’t even get to sit down the entire 17 hours!! I have already gone through my first Peds jaga. It was in the Perinatal ward housing recently delivered babies and babies in need of intensive care or other form of facility, i.e. UV lighting (jaundice), oxygen therapy (babies recovering from asphyxia or other respiratory distress), incubator etc… OMGGG I went from being a person that didn’t know how to hold babies to a person who could balance one baby on my left chest as my right hand auscultates another kid’s heart rate with my right feet rocking the nearest cot (in order to shut some of them up + do my monitoring ‘job’ as well). All in one night!!

Mann babies are hard work especially neonates. They just cry and cry and cry, wailing their lil’ lungs out for no apparent reason. One baby, who had respiratory problems in the first place, had already started to turn blue ‘cos he kept crying and crying and NOT breathing. They are NOT CUTE when they’re wailing like freakin’ banshees. And they are NOT CUTE when they decide to wail like freakin’ banshees at bloody 2am!! What’s worse is the whole “waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaah” business has a bloody domino effect whereby when a baby cries the entire bloody ward starts crying. OMG can die OK. No wonder it’s such a hard adjustment for early mothers. Still if they think one crying baby is difficult, a ward of 20 crying babies can literally drive a person off the (sanity) cliff. I entered the Perinatal ward with absolutely no knowledge of cleaning asses, binding babies, carrying the child, etc… I totally know how to do all of them now. Frankly the babies wouldn’t cry that much if they had proper amenities like ENOUGH napkins/cloth, MORE FREQUENT feeding times and a BETTER environment. On one hand I cannot blame the babies for being such auditory-torture ‘cos they can’t get changed as often as they should be as there are simply not enough napkins to go around. I’m, like, so appalled-lah. How can the hospital not have enough napkins?? You’re not talking about 100 babies. This is just bloody 20 babies and I get told off by the nurse for OVER-USING napkins. F*ck right?!! They have a certain jatah (allowance) of napkins per time slot and we’re supposed to be sneaky enough to make do with whatever available. See thing is, these kids.. they sh*t like nobody’s business so what am I supposed to do-lah?? I’ve learnt that if they don’t pee and get their cloth all wet, I’m supposed to fold away the sh*tty part and reuse the ‘cleaner’ part of the cloth again. Yah basically the child is sleeping with his/her own poo. How so very the unhygienic right?? And I also got told off ‘cos I tend to carry them to rock them off to sleep which is bad in the nurses books ‘cos the babies like being carried and this will make ‘em constantly vie for such attention. Aiya I don’t care-lah I just want them all to SHUT UP. So I freakin’ carry them when the nurses are not looking. Maybe the next time round at Perinatal I’ll bring like a bag filled with economy diapers and curi-curi use them when we’re fresh outta hospital nappies. That’s the mission.

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