Saturday, May 19, 2007

boy i need a holiday

Summer 2001. 2 Egyptian sisters living in Cyprus. 1 Indian + 1 Hongkie + 1 Goan and last but not least 1 Malaysian came to do island things. Man it's been freaking 6 years since I sat out on a beach. This is indeed very tragic.

L-R: Miss ChuaChua, Miss RiamRiam, Miss RaoRao, C'EST MOI, (what was I thinking with that hair??), Miss AniaAnia and fruit platter. I think the watermelon 'cake' is so endearing.

First stop is the Kykkos monastery. 'Twas a steaming 3 hour taxi-ride to this terpencil place so by the time we arrived I was knackered and somewhat tu-lan already. According to Lonely Planet Cyprus, this is the richest and most famous Cypriot religious institution. It was founded by a hermit called Isaiah who lived in a cave near the monastery site in the 11th century (lama siut). One fine day, got one Byzantine administrator: Manouil Voutomytis came along and their paths crossed. Isaiah having the schizoid personality that he has didn't give a flying f*ck who the fella was. Going unacknowledged was not an option for Manoil and so he gave Isaiah a big dollop of beating. Later Manouil suffered from an uncurable illness in Lefkosia and remembered his bad-doing. Ayia standard-lah bad people sure regret one, want to die already mah. During which, God appeared to Isaiah and instructed him to get a figure of Virgin Mary from Constantinople. The daughter of the emperor developed the same illness as Manouil was cured after Isaiah's divine intervention. And so the iconic Virgin Mary constitutes the raison d'etre for Kykkos Monastery and is kept for over 4 centuries in a silver encasing. Eh the gold that you see on the wall is real gold. Nak je I cubit some to be melt into a holy necklace. Hehe.
2 km beyond the monastery is the tomb of ArchbishopMakarios III guarded by afew soldiers. You can tie cloths at the hedges for good luck and holy blessing. I asked for a boyfriend. That didn't happen.

Protaras is a beach resort geared exclusively to family-friendly hotels. The crowd is more subdued and less youthful. Makes a good place for basking in the sun. Since the nightlife is somewhat lame, you can spend the evenings strolling the abundant souvenir shops or sipping heavy cocktails by the pub.

In the daytime however, everyone should totally hop onto a banana boat. I found it rather scary. Maybe it's 'cos I was at the edge of the fruit and the tail is where it gets hit the hardest kut.

Then there's also the rings. Big giant doughnut inflatables that bounce of the surface of the water.

Yes-lah. Fun-lah.

Meze is a traditional meal at mezedes consisting of 20 different small dishes: dips and salad, mixed / vegetarian dishes, meat and fruit.. Finish off with fruit aperitifs.
P.S, disclaimer: Information courtesy of Lonely Planet Cyprus, 2000.

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