Saturday, May 19, 2007

boy i need a holiday (cont.I)

Before we left Protaras, we took a brief 1-day boat-ride / mini-cruise. They took us into the waters and showed us places that used to be a holiday wonderland (they have sand the shade of snow) now made redundant by Turkish borders. A little sad innit?

Everyone should para-glide once in their life if they haven't already. Although up there I got a little sick and turned my head to the left and let it all out. Some unlucky folk down there must have though,"It's raining puke!!"

Ayianapa / Agianapa is not super picturesque but it's filled with party people and happy times. All the action happens in Ayianapa (the supposed next Ibiza) so this woot woot destination should never be left out.

You can do everything from amusement parks to bungee-jumps to killer roller-coasters to eating out to getting sloshed in the pub to club-hopping to beach parties to foam parties (highly endorsed by moi!!) to just people watching by the steps.

Don't forget to makan their mousaka which is a pot of cheesy, creamy, Cypriot version of the shepherd's pie. VERY VERY YUMMM. Enough to give you an unstable angina right there and then.

On the way to Paphos we were fortunate to be using the jalur that gave us this surreal view of Aphrodite's Rock. Legend has it that she emerged from the sea at this point in a surge of sea foam.

Paphos / Pafos is my favourite part of Cyprus. It is delightful and breezy housing stunning archaelogical gems such as Roman mosaics, Agia Solomoni & Christian Catacomb, Hrysopolitissa Church & St Paul's Pillar, Fort of Paphos and the Tomb of the Kings.

Wah Chinese resto in Cyprus!! We're everywhere :o
P.S, disclaimer: information courtesy of Lonely Planet Cyprus, 2000

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