Monday, December 31, 2007

ushering in the new year

Ah Choy: wats ur ny plan?
moi: chill out at a friend's plc
Ah Choy: a bit quiet...not ur style le
moi: *giggle*
moi: i'm not young and in the end it's the company that counts
Ah Choy: hahahahaahah....sounds like an old laady ooledi
moi: i am wat
Ah Choy: true true
The only picture we took. After that couldn't be bothered liao 'cos already koyak before the others arrived!
So little old lady me decided to hang out with old lady BellaBella before the others came over to drink with us kau-kau. Mutiara Damansara tends to get sealed in by 9-something pm so I got out at 8pm to her place and we had some Japanese at Centrepoint. Then we went onto the booze buying and ciggs supply before heading over to her place to get sloshed. I brought my Camino Real tequila and Miss BellaBella got her Absolut Vodka out just in case the wine didn't prove enough for our tanks. We were just gallavanting about her living room 'till the fireworks came out.

Miss BellaBella: Quickly take picture of the fireworks!!
moi: *fiddling with camera* OK-lah trying trying!!
Miss BellaBella: Wah got a few fireworks simultaneously happening at different parts of PJ/KL area.
moi: Eh girl if the fireworks are out means countdown already issit?
*both pause in silence for abit*
moi: *grabs mobile and checks for time* 00:00


As we had some moments of silence peering out of the window, before the others arrived, I started reflecting on my life. Or at least as far as I could remember. 2008... I've been waiting for this year to start ever since 2007 began. For all the Christmases and New Years spent in my room drinking alone and dancing in my PJs & heels...

To tell you the truth, as much as it is anticipated it is also very much feared. Too many changes and too many life-revolutionary decisions to be made this year. As you probably know I don't adapt fast but once I do I adapt well so the process of comprehending and feeling out all these differences will definitely take some time before I get comfortable. I'm home for good. I'm living with my parents 24-7. I have internet access whenever wherever. I have to do my own laundry. I'm gonna start working. I am meeting oh-so-many new people. I want to make more friends. I'm gonna get a monthly pay-check. I can swim. I am improving on my drums. I get to go clubbing. I can get tipsy. I can run in parks. I can shop for high-street clothing. Etc.

Surreal.. but nice.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

may the force be with you this xmas

Christmas is fun. Fun because it's 6 days BEFORE the new year which means parties pretty much lasts the entire week and upon 2008 even more parties to come!! It's like 2 weeks of constant party!! It's like summer in IBIZA!! I'm not THAT booked of course... I'm just saying-lah that Christmas is fun 'cos of all the darn parties. I've been drinking so much wine it's not even funny anymore. I must cut back.

I mean I've got to produce a medical check-up for work soon and I can't have my liver enzymes elevated and all *rolls eyes*

Since Xmas eve was super the party.. I decided to mellow it down abit for Xmas. Went to Miss ChongChong's friend's thing. 'Twas OK. The good part was getting to play with his....

Yes you Star Wars nuts out there... I got to play with his freaking LIGHTSABER y'all!!!!! Pun not intended of course. It's gila cool. There are different sound effects when you hit it against something. I mean it could go 'Whoosh!!' or 'Zanggg!!' or 'Zzzhhhaaaa!'.. yah basically you get the idea-lah.

I'm, like, so, like, attuned to the Force!!

Wikipedia: To carry a lightsaber is a reflection of confidence, dexterity, and attunement to the Force. Although use of the lightsaber is not strictly reserved to Jedi, the only others widely known of being capable of handling the difficult weapon are the Sith: Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus (Count Dooku), Darth Vader and Darth Sidious (Palpatine), as well as other Sith characters in the Expanded Universe.

Friday, December 28, 2007

xmas countdown

Early in the day I realized I didn't really have a finalized eve/Xmas plan. There were a couple of invitations to do this or that, go here or there of which some didn't manage to follow through (much to Miss YinYin's dismay *giggle*). Since I'm still the budding urbanite I tend to be the little baby that gets drag to town rather than the diva that makes her plans in town. I still enjoy being the little child that everyone wants to teach the rope of the world. Cut me some slack-lah OK ;) I've only been back a month mah.

That day I was trying to get to Plaza Mont Kiara and I figured, "Hey that oughta be simple enough!" Boy was I WRONG! Firstly I thought Plaza Damas was Plaza Mont Kiara. Super wrong of course. Coming out of Plaza Damas I tried to make my way back to Plaza Mont Kiara... I must have took a wrong turn 'cos next thing I knew a journey of mere minutes turned into a 20-minute drive!! Lo and behold as I looked up to the street signs I find my car going in the direction of JALAN KUCHING!! There I was the ultimate moron thinking to herself :Jalan Juching Jalan Kuching... how come it sounds so familiar? That's when I realize.. OMGGGGG I was heading towards KL: KL is advanced level driving in my personal mind map OK. I have only managed to conquer Bangsar *eyes widening in horror*.

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." Parentals rocking it out with an Xmas tree.

"Jack Frost nipping on the noseeee....." Here we are dressed alike YET AGAIN. Somebody STOP us!! Even the Olsens don't dress this way.

Well coming back to Xmas, in the end I figured I'd tag along to Miss TanTan's gig in Bangsar since I was gonna bring the family for an Xmas meal there anyways. Met up with Miss YinYin and Ah Mon 'cos we're all supposed to head there together. Somehow plans took a turn, Ah Ry joined us, and we ended up heading to Poppy instead.

Standing outside the club, I really felt a little *mini shriek* old *shudders* 'cos everyone looked so juvenile-lah. And juvenile according to our standards are high school grads / college grads / fresh meat from work... you get the gist. I remember back in my UK hey days, weekends post lectures were just filled with eager anticipated trips to the local clubs. Paradox oh Paradox... those were definitely the days. The echoes of the thumping bass would send me into a frenzy. I see that in the eyes of the young ones and as much as I deny it... MYSELF. Hehe I still love clubbing-lah babydolls. After 6 years being a deprived jailbird I am finally free to spread my wings and FLY FLY FLY into the sky of hip-hop and house music. BIG FUN right??

Poppy is different from what I remembered. I must have left the clubbing scene a LONG TIME ago 'cos I really don't remember it being this spacious or outdoorsy for that matter. Miss YinYin says they've extended the area and refurbished the floor into a bigger space. At least now it's not as suffocating as it used to be. Still, so many people! The music was H-H-HOT!! Pop chart hiphops are my ultimate faves-lah babydolls. The DJ really knows how to spin the tunes. LOVES IT LOVES IT LOVES IT!!

Love my streaks or not?? They're slightly faded but they used to be fire-engine red. I'm dying it to death... must be the culture shock release after 6 years of not being allowed to do anything drastic to my image. Everyone thinks I'm going a little loco but I don't care. Self expression has to happen now! After work starts it's back to the Reliable-Professional-Plain-'Siman' me.. which is an utter bore.
I have no idea where Miss YinYin managed to score the bunga api but it was fun to play with them while awaiting countdown. Clubbing is mega fun. I sound like a senile grandma on crack but seriously clubbing is mega fun bok!!

5-4-3-2-1 HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Starting the merry day with a *bisou*

I was abit the thrashed that night. We sapu bersih 2 bottles of Chivas between 5 of us which explains my inflamed excuse for a face. Not amused at how chubby my face looks on camera especially when it resembles a baked tomato. Twas' uber fun!! Must do more. At least before I start working! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Passion Lounge and Poppy Garden Restaurant
18-3, Jalan P. Ramlee,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (03) 21418888
Opening hours: 4pm-2am Mon - Thurs, 4pm-3am on Fri & Sat


Thursday, December 27, 2007

i got elfed

since 'tis the season to be jolly, here's some elfin ho-ho-ho cheer :)

P.S, disclaimer: video courtesy of


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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

my macaroons and me: the story of Ladurée macaroons

One of the main reasons I look forward to Sophiekins coming home for the holidays: she brings home my barang titipan. Weee!! They're usually beauty products from Boots or clothes from H&M or selected designer items as they're much cheaper in the EU. Also Malaysia takes forever to bring in the season's line.

Ever since my stuff exploded into the house (all 13 mega boxes of them), Dddy has been very stern about NO MORE CLOTHES / STUFF PURCHASES) 'till I've worn ALL my clothes at least thrice over :( So this trip my ole-ole UK has been reduced to 20% in comparison to what she used to buy for me. To curb my spending Dddy has imposed a new rule that all my barang titipan has to be authorized via him and counter-authorized via Mmmy before Sophiekins can go ahead and purchase them for me. So many new rules *pout* Sucks!

Effective now, this trip I was only granted one graduation gift which Sophiekins had gotten in Dubai's duty-free shops. A Swarovski crystal encrusted champagne bottle!! How uber cute is that?!! ME LIKES.

In my miniscule list was a box of Ladurée macaroons available in the Ladurée cafe over at Harrods. This Sophiekins has been enjoying the macaroons all the while (she says they make 'em better in Paris in the original Ladurée cafe) without telling me!! WTF?

So she places a pink box on the kitchen counter and got me all excited. I was so ecstatic. Been waiting a whole year for this! Just as I pried the lid of the box open...

My jaw dropped to the floor to discover a half eaten box of macs!! WTF?? All I could afford was a quivering, "Oh..." 'till Sophiekins started laughing her pants off. She then reached into another bag to produce another pink box. Apparently the previous box was hers and she just wanted to check out my reaction. She's such a devious menace OK!!

Look at my pretty pretty macaroons.

The story of the Macaroon

These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, are the most famous creation of Ladurée.

The story of the Ladurée macaroon starts with Pierre Desfontaines, distant cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée, who at the beginning of the 20th century first thought of taking two macaroon shells and joining them with a delicious ganache filling. The way of making them has never changed since that time.

These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, are made every morning in Ladurée’s "laboratory". The pastry chefs measure out very precisely the required amounts of almonds, eggs and sugar, before adding one final ingredient, a pinch of unique "know-how", essential to the making of such a delicacy. Once cooked and filled, the macaroons are put to one side for 2 days before going on sale, the time it takes to achieve a perfect balance between texture and flavour.

Me so happy!!
P.S, disclaimer: text courtesy of Ladurée

Saturday, December 22, 2007

birds of a feather dress together

Our mother used to do this. To us. We hated it.

We have to seriously eat our own words because now that we're older, Mmmy has probably infested our brains enough that we actually voluntarily dress alike. We have so many identical frocks it's freaky!! This one Sophiekins bought from H&M for the both of us. Vogue designed it!

Everyone thinks Sophiekins is the eldest. Given she's 4 years younger than me, I can't help but wonder how is it possible that I appear more juniour than her? I hate my braces smile. Can't wait to get them off!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

online but handicapped

When I decided to replace my webcam + dead battery + faulty adapter, they warned me that the technicians would reformat my laptop for the webcam replacement bit. I gave them the green light BUT FIRST allow me to back-up all my data before wiping out the memory. They said they'd let me know.

When I went to collect my laptop a couple of days ago I figured they might not have needed to reformat the computer 'cos nobody called me for any authorization instructions... all I was asked for is the permission to go ahead with the cost. RM1400++ for batts, charger and cam sounds pretty OK-lah. So I agreed. The boy handed me all my new stuff and a small piece of metal.

moi: *looks at metal piece in puzzlement*
Sony boy: Nah that's your hard-disc.
moi: Disc?
Sony boy: Yah disc.
moi: As in the thing that stores all my stuff??
Sony boy: Yah they replaced it. I think your one is spoiled-lah.
moi: B-b-b-but I haven't backed up my data!! You're not supposed to wipe out my stuff before I back it up!! It's there in your invoice-paper thing. I gave specific instructions!!
Sony boy: *uh-oh look*

I have nothing. All my programs are gone. I have to REDOWNLOAD everything. I lost all my MSN conversation histories and it seems as if all my important files in my previous My Documents might not be retrievable but they are trying so *sigh* we'll see-lah.

I just went to their service centre in Mid Valley City and the people there were pretty nice to me and I was able to retrieve half of my sh*t from the G: drive but I'll have to return there to sort out the H: drive problem. In the meantime I'll have to make do with Adobe Photoshop version 2.0(!!) etc.

I can't find my updated version of Adobe Photoshop program. Would someone puh-lease lend me theirs??

P.S: Thank you my faithful readers for your constant support despite my lengthy disappearance. I'll make it up to you with CUTESY FUN pics (2nd-rate quality 'cos of crappy Photoshop program though) and happy reports (if any). You helped me earn RM0.40 which is seriously exciting. I haven't gone further from my RM0.80 earnings in ages. Thank you all again. Keep coming back and tell your friends :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

me does kenko fish spa

I've first seen it on the internet forwards messages. Japanese / Taiwanese / Chinese ladies were super into this and it was such a rave in Asia. Already this sparked my curiosity. Then it appears in one of the episodes of Ugly Betty where Marc prepares Wilhelmina what he calls a 'Japanese footsoak'. That just really intrigued me. What is it with this fishy business?? So I Yahoo-ed the tags and voila!! Streams of blog entries on Kenko fish spas started popping out from every corner of the search engine. So I decided to go-lah.

Firstly you go to the counter and tell them you wanna go for the fish spa business. It costs RM38 for half an hour. Didn't really know how to go about it so we just plunged in. But before beginning we had to wash our feet to rid it off macro dirt. Wouldn't wanna kill the fishes lei. You can also scrub your legs to start releasing the attached dead cells. Or exfoliate at home before coming.

Then basically it's just inserting your pins into the water-loh. Fishes will immediately crowd your legs and it feels like ticklish + light electricity current running through your legs + geli + nibbling sensation all hodge-podged in one. When your feet hits the water and they first start biting on you it's such a BIZARRE SENSATION you can't help but yelp or in my case shriek pretty loudly!

"Also called Doctor Fish, Garra rufa is a species of freshwater fish used for the treatment of skin conditions as well as provide therapeutical help. Found in the Northern & Central Middle East, this fish’s unique therapy of nibbling away dead & scaly skin was first discovered in a hot spring near Kangal in Turkey."

After abit you get pretty accustomed to the feeling and can start camera-whoring.

I don't mind the teeny fishes. It's the bigger ones that really sends shivers down your spine. So geli neh feeling little mouths *chomp* *chomp* *chomp* and *munch* *munch* *munch* on your feet. You can also spread your toes out abit so they can get between the webs of your feet.

I don't understand how is it my sister would have more fishes than...

MOI?!! I'll conclude it as her having crappier legs (more to work on) than me. Fishes also so bias one!!



There are afew spots to pick: one that overlooks the city, one that peers into the pond or mine the one that faces another aquarium. I'll watch fishies go by as other fishies eat away. No-lah they won't eat into your bloody bone-lah. It's like how we humans know where to stop-lah in terms on munching on animal muscles. It's not as if we gnaw on the bones as dogs do what. So the fishes know the same.

Then you wash the fish water off your legs. We both really did feel quite abit of difference although most obvious on Sophiekins (maybe 'cos she had really crappy legs to start with) 'cos all the stained skin on her feets soles were half gone from the fishes. I brought some lotion to spread over the legs just as an incentive.

Lot 5.01.09, Level 5
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, December 15, 2007

a blhite and pink affair (to remember)

I had wanted to throw a really Shelbulous party for awhile now.. I just didn't have the chance. Now that I'm back I decided that I would throw a small luncheon for my urban kin to celebrate my greatness HAHAHA just a little humour to kickstart your day... no-lah to celebrate gratitude over the fruits of my long labour.

I was on the hunt for an exquisite location but since I'm so clueless about KL eateries I was pretty much ready to settle for Marmalade (what I had in mind since a year ago) but then I stumbled upon this venue while shopping with the parentals. I took one look at the place and thought 'WOW I'd so wanna lunch here!'. So I made the relevant reservations for seatings and flowers (there's a flower shop flanking the cafe) and got down to getting the details done... i.e: theme is black + white + pink which explains the 'blhite & pink affair'!

If you don't already know, my party guru happens to be David Tutera. If it's party you say, it's the Tutera-air I breathe. And as an abiding student of his, you really cannot expect me to just throw a biasa punya lunch. That is unheard of in Tutera-Land!! This is my attempt of doing things the Tutera way after being schooled on the Travel & Living Channel.

"Entertaining is a way of life so celebrate your life in style"
... David Tutera ...

It really helps to start it out at West 57th St. Cafe because already the interiors are mesmerizing and the waiters are suave in their tight white waistcoats. I arrived an hour early to check on the placing etc. They had lined up way too many tables which I told them to rid off later as Ah Yeoh and Miss WanWan couldn't make it last minute.

I had ordered Eustoma and Hydrangea bouquets from the West 57th St. Flower Shop a week prior to the event. You cannot imagine my delight when I went over to collect them. Aren't they the most gorgeous beings!! They were done so well and I was so ecstatic. It has been awhile since I had gotten myself flowers. I used to do it all the time when I was in the UK but it has been years since then and the last I was in contact with petals was back here.
Signature to any event that involves moi!!
This is pink French Garden that spells 'Me Doctor Weee'!!

West 57th St. Cafe really belongs to Zang Toi. Dddy super supports Kelantanese industries so you cannot imagine his glee when he knew that Zang Toi owns this place. Miss ChewChew later told me they have one in Sungei Wang Plaza as well.

In the morning I had to hurry-hurry over to Ikano to get balloons for my party. It was quite a challenge bringing over all my tools to the cafe but I found the attention to be pretty amusing. Upon tying the balloons to the seats, I began the artful skill of seating people. I made prescription tags for everyone... there were 2 sets of quotes that I took off Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist and I paired them to whoever needs what.

Yup they're tailored alright. Everyone had to sit where they were prescribed to. FYI The Alchemist revolutionized my life. I'm glad I picked it up at the airport bookstore. It's written.

I also prepared party favours for my guests. It's not the norm to do so but it's such a great way to leave a party-lho: with a gift!!

VOILA!! Excellent job or not?? I threw in my graduation picture and yearbook for viewing pleasure as well. David Tutera would be so proud, non?

The hard part was waiting for everyone to arrive. My party arrived over an hour late due to traffic and the entire time I just sat there surrounded by my balloons and flowers feeling slightly pathetic. So this is how Carrie Bradshaw felt when she turned the big 3-0.. remember the episode when she sat alone on her table waiting for her party to arrive? All negative vibes disapparated when...

The girls came!! L-R: Miss ChewChew, Miss ChongChong, moi, Miss TanTan, Miss BellaBella, Miss YinYin. I should have reprimanded Miss ChewChew and Miss TanTan for not adhering to the colour theme :P

I enjoyed watching everyone conversing and picking out their orders from the menu.

It is my belief that everyone was in lurrrve with the setting and the place. David, couldn't have done it without your inspiration! Dddy, couldn't have done it without your $!

Everyone happy.

After food we had talks and an activity I prepared beforehand. Bowl deco in anticipation of my Pink Clinic to come. Everyone seemed to be having BIG FUN!

Pink & White gerbera daisies Miss BellaBella got me.
Totally in corcodance with my theme. ME LIKES!!

Playing with the balloons. WAHLAU you have no idea how many little children came up to our tables stomping their feet and crying their lungs out for a balloon. I would have given them one if they didn't have any but I looked up and what do I see: their mothers holding a balloon ALREADY. One mother was even holding FOUR freaking balloons. That kid was wayyy spoilt. I was not gonna give up balloons I paid for to snooty rich babies who should be taught better. If it was me then, my mother would have slapped me quiet.

Miss YinYin got me a shell necklace and matching earrings. Cutes!

I forgot to take a close picture of Miss ChongChong + Miss TanTan + Miss ChewChew's bouquet but I did give the cute teddy a *bisou*. Dddy now houses it beside the family computer.

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