Tuesday, December 12, 2006

random siut

Just moved in to the new room-loh. F*cking lot of barang OK. I don't understand how I could have possibly collected so much junk. Also got alot of books and too many clothes (don't tell Dddy).

Really have to do something with the curtains pronto!! Even the batik-looking ones in The Sound of Music seems much more appealing. And there you have it: my faithful Uggs. I don't care what all the fashionistas are saying. Uggs rule and I will continue to relish in their comfort. Outdated mah outdated-loh. I'm wayyy too Shelbulous for that.

Why do people still varnish their furniture? Riddle of the sphinx.

My Yahoo ROCKS big time.

My wallpaper ROCKS big time.

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