Monday, December 25, 2006

pet this way

I did, for a brief moment in time, considered getting a hedgehog. That was till I saw...

Eeeewww!! Gross and super weirdo. WTF?!! Hedgehogs don't look like this in Winds In The Willow!! They're supposed to have cute button noses and happy smiley eyes!!

I hate going to pet shops. Mostly 'cos I cannot take that weird stench of fur and animal crap... but watching dogs get better service on a blow job enfuriates me even more!!

Confirm will NOT take a cicak home. What were those girls even thinking??

Wahhh look at the choices of dog shampoo. They even have them stuff infused with tea-tree oil and all those good sh*t. I tell you-lah: quite good also to reincarnate into a rich man's b*tch.

In the end I went with the MOST practical, LEAST stinky choice. I fell in love with them instantly. Love at first sight: I believe!! They cho chute yah??

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