Sunday, December 03, 2006


Wah December liao. Aner khin / kei fai hor??

I wrote something yesterday but dunno what f*cked up and now it’s gone. I can’t even remember what I said. I’m too lazy to try to recall either.

It’s been a serene week *touch wood*. We were contemplating on how it is that last week was such frenzy but this week it’s as calm as a corpse (pun not intended, is it even a pun??). We figured it could be that the Yarsi interns possessed the whole “penolak bala” energy bit as cases seem to cease upon their arrival. The Maranatha (private medical college) interns, on the other hand, believe the bunch of their seniors who left last week were the ones who had “invites” in the air and now that they’re gone we’re left a little more sedate. Whichever-lah, pokoknya I’m totally the liking this tranquility.
Lots of activities last week with my-first-autopsy and then my-first-exhumation followed by my-first-time-as-a-liaison-officer-at-a-symposium.

Dead bodies aren’t as creepy as I thought they would be. I’m quite the coward and all the mumbo-jumbo ‘bout shadows lurking in the dark or beings jumping out of drains to suck on my veins etc can really take over my imagination sometimes. I was expecting the worse in the sense that I probably would find it hard to sleep at night and all that. But no-lah not really. Some of the bodies are horrendous looking (especially traffic and train-wreck accidents) like the stuff you’d find on Nightmare on Elm Street but mostly they look like they’re just sleeping. The rotting stench, though, is a killer with a capital K. I’m quite adjusted with the rancidity though it does get to me sometimes. In which case I’d whip out my lavender essential oil and drop a couple of them on my sleeves or collar to even the stink out abit. Using perfume is not a good idea ‘cos the fragrance campur decaying flesh equals disaster (enough to send you hurling) while whiffs of Minyak Angin Cap Kapak gives me the dizzies. Lavender seems to be able to neutral out the decomposing air. Ah Ji told me (ever since I started piling on the Lavender in Forensics) I walked around with the familiar smell of death ahaHAHAHA!!

The exhumation process on the other hand was definitely out-of-this-world. Something I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d experience. Again I wasn’t spooked out, just very very bewildered. Treading oh-so-very-lightly over everyone’s graves we came to the site where the chick was buried.

Story goes like this: This chick was a bus terminal clerk. Supposedly she was having drinks (vodka + Krating Daeng aka Red Bull + coffee drink) with her boss and 2 other bus drivers. A couple of hours later, the bus drivers left leaving the clerk and her boss behind. Supposedly the boss bolted all the doors and forced himself on / raped her twice (more according to the police). He then left her in the room. The clerk’s boyfriend was waiting for her return and after hours of now show he got worried and started searching for her. He ended up in Bandung and found her helpless on the floor. Enraged assuming that she was cheating on him he took her home. She remained weak and it was only hours after that she was brought to the hospital. They checked her into the ICU where she immediately fell into a coma and died later that day. Her boss had a notorious background of having affairs with his clerks. The first clerk he f*cked, he married her. The second clerk left town and she was the third. According to the boss the sex was consensual. The boyfriend begs to differ. The body was buried immediately after death. The police ordered an exhumation with consent of the family to investigate her cause of death. The thing that left me perplexed is how come the family didn’t order an autopsy before giving her a funeral?!!

It was so odd watching the grave-diggers re-dig the site and pulling out old bones (supposedly due to lack of space they kinda bury new corpses over ancient ones *raised eyebrows+shrugs*) to get to her corpse. As they got to her spot 1.5m underground, they removed the wooden planks and pulled out a body covered in white cloth. I think in Indon they call this jelangkung or something. That word sends shivers down my spine every single time. Erk. Adoi the moment they raised her up the stench choked me so hard I swear I was gonna asphyxiate!! Wahhh terrible terrible!! I can’t even begin to describe the odour… it was like a combination of dead chicken + dead fish + rubbish with a tangy twist. I was, like, “F*ckkkk where the f*ckkk’s my lavender??” and started digging into my bag pockets. When they ripped the cloth open I could feel my eyes almost popping outta them sockets. It was definitely a sight to behold and not in a good way. Her head was bloated like a puffer fish and the skin had stained black in colour. It was like the pictures in our forensic textbook so I shouldn’t have been so surprised but I was ‘cos it was so the odd witnessing this image in real life. Her skin had already started to peel and detach while her hair literally plucked out in a wig. The fluid oozing from her body was totally gross. Man. Lucky got no larvae. It would have been too nasty-lah *shudders*!!

The symposium kept us all pretty busy for quite awhile. It was a workshop on Disaster Victim Identification on enhancing operational preparation in Indonesia.

Yearghh. Spoke too soon. Ah Hathir just called. Got autopsy now at freaking 10.20pm. %$^**##$%^&*!!

P.S: More on symposium later...

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