Friday, December 08, 2006

“moving keep on moving”

OMG I think I'm moving. Starting tomorrow.

Everything just happened so quickly. I saw a room today over at the other building and started crushing on it almost instantly. I’ve been hearing from the grapevine that my rhino-testicles-of-a-landlord was gonna shoo those of us living in the ground floor of my building to make way for the refurbishment of his new flat. Construction was to commence in April next year. This worried me as I was in no business to move… For starters, I really like my room. It’s a little small and has absolutely no ventilation but I like it nonetheless. I’ve already grown so accustomed to the miniscule space holding my tirade mess. I’m comfortable despite what people think. Besides I have a killer bathroom. Also it’s pretty quiet where I’m living. I have a wee bit of a schizoid personality so I really love the fact that I’m not closely acquainted with any of my neighbours and am absolutely ecstatic being on just hi-bye basis with them. They mind their own business and I, my own. Most importantly I live on the ground floor and this is crucial because I’m the sort that FALLS DOWN a lot. You can call it slipping or tripping or tumbling etc… the point is I’m an accident-freak. Accident-freaks should be wise enough to avoid fall hazards: in this case the DEADLY stairs!!

A couple of days ago the rhino-testicles-of-a-landlord confirmed that he will need me to move outta my place next year. That’s just insane!! My contract ends only in August.. he has no right making me switch rooms (and I bet they’re crappier rooms too) ‘till then. But I know him. He’s a f*cker. He pretty much would unload all my sh*t in the common room should I fail to comply with his requests. Hence the decision to move now. At least now I can check out all the available rooms and make comparisons instead of being hustled into accepting whichever room available. I didn’t like any of the rooms he offered me. They were abysmal. That is ‘till I laid my eyes on this new room which costs a bomb but make things up with a new tub, wooden panel flooring and wallpaper. I will have to fork out an extra RM300 per month just ‘cos he designed one end of the stupid room to be the mini ‘kitchenette’.

Now to drop Dddy news of financial needs. Don’t know if he’s gonna be discerning of my requisite for a more luxurious room.

*fingers crossed*

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