Saturday, December 09, 2006

forensics' thank-you-dinner

The Forensics Dept decided to throw us a dinner to thank us for helping them out during the Disaster Victim Identification symposium/workshop. Guess they're pretty OK people after all.

L-R: Ah Had, Ah Erg, Miss BahBah, Miss BriBri, Dr Isni, Ah Dass

People I know have such bizarre choices of mental music. L-R: people, Miss GraGra, Miss FloFlo, Ah Elf, Miss IreIre, Ah Iko

I don't know why people tend to be so fascinated with me eating. Perhaps it's like watching a giraffe tongue a shoot I suppose.

L-R: Ah Pers, Ah Ji, Ah Had, Ah Dass

L-R: Miss KitaKita, Shelbulous me, Miss GraGra, Miss ...

L-R: Miss FloFlo, Ah Tono, Ah Elf, Miss IreIre

L-R: Miss GraGra, Maranatha people that I should know... to be updated... Miss MurMur

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