Tuesday, December 26, 2006

chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Miss TanTan:
Jingle pau Jingle pau Jingle cha siew pau
Lin yoong pau Tau sa pau
Siew Mai Loh mai kai HEY

I can’t study. OMG I’m gonna be freakin sliced barbecued pork tomorrow at this rate. I’ve finished watching Dr Who (season 1), rearranged my dresser, watched Thalamus bumble towards lettuce, made myself Spam + crackers and am halfway through The Sopranos (season 4) but I can’t even complete half a chapter of Cerebrovascular diseases. What is wrong with me?? I’m sh*t scared but my frontal lobe just REFUSES TO F*CKING LEARN SOMETHING. I need Ritalin (ADHD medication aka ‘it’ drug of suburbian Supermums).

I’m distraught over nothing. I have nothing to be upset about but here I am absolutely in a state. Sh*t. I can’t afford to go back there. I refuse to go back there. Maybe I’ll persuade Dddy to buy me that new Vuitton bag (ad featuring Scarlett Johannsen) or the new Mini Cooper when I get home. I’m a brat, so? Perchance all I need to do is to get one of those things called boyfriends. Perhaps I need cocaine up my nasal cavity or to swim in a tub full of Moet. SOMETHING!! ANYTHING!!

When will Christmas or the New Year or Chinese New Year or even my freakin birthday for crying out loud be a bloody happy holiday rather than just some every other day?? ‘Cos that’s how it’s been for 6 f*cking years. Everyday is the same old f*cking day and sometimes I don’t even get a Sunday!! They don’t call it a HOLI-day if it’s just some other day!! Don’t people get how miserable medical students / doctors are?? All they wanna do is find fault with everything we do so they can f*cking sue us and rob us off whatever we’re worth. Bearing in mind we’ve already had 5 to 6 crappy years of medical school plus the horrendous 3 years of houseman ship, we gave up practically a decade of our life… people should really cut us some slack or give us 70% off Chanel accessories vouchers!!


I feel slightly better. I’ve found a new place to cry: my new bathroom. It’s packed with toilet seat covering, Hello Kitty rugs and L’Occitane Lily of the Valley candles. Additionally the window doesn’t face the corridor anymore (my old one does which made me very embarrassed to sob out aloud) so I can just rant as riotous and long as I want. The new bathroom’s also arranged in such a way that it’s comfortable for me to sit on the toilet seat, prop my legs on the side of the tub and ponder as I gulp down a glass of red. I should put up some cute pictures on the walls. And they wonder why we buy nice things for the house. This is why: so that in times of crisis we really get to sit down surrounded by our cute sh*t and just bloody zone out.

Je presente: Thalamus the Tortoise :)

Whatever it is, season's greetings y'all!!

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