Saturday, December 30, 2006


Miss MasMas: He3x bf aku sampai je tanya kau kat mana. nak apa tahmoi: i kan fabulous. tak heran.Miss MasMas: Menyampah aku

I can't help it that people love me. Especially my chickfriends' boyfriends. They all adore me. I'm just great with people's boyfriends or boys who already have girlfriends. If only I can implement this into working those straight, eligible bachelors...
L-R: moi and Miss KosKos always have to ber-lesbian when it comes to couples-outings. Don't worry Miss KosKos, 2008 will bring us brighter tides and we won't have to make out with each other anymore...

I should have gotten a better picture of Miss JoeJoe's outfit 'cos it's a cutey!! Her boyfriend's coming on New Year's Eve. Yalor everyone's boyfriend coming down. I differentiate: I go home to see my boyfriend: Louis Vuitton Starhill.

Miss MasMas loves Atmosphere. I haven't been here in years . We got a pretty good table-lah 'cos the chicks reserved a spot since their balaks are coming over.

If you squint a lil' harder, you'd be able to see kois swimming in the little pond. Miss MasMas says there's a giant koi the size of a piglet only visible in the daytime which scared her half-to-death the last time she came.

It's kampung style sitting so I can graciously sit cross-legged: my fave position. I, like, duduk bersila EVERYWHERE.

Miss IyanIyan and boyfriend.

Rice basket lighting.

Group shot. Oi since when did my cheeks get so gargantuan??

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